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Vine Shoots equipment for Viticulture

  • Model SRV - Side Shoot Remover Unit

    The sucker remover unit SRV is used to remove new shoots along the stems of the vines. The axial rotation of the shaft allows the head to be used also to control weeds. This tool can be applied to any frame B1, B1SB, turning frame and B2. The whips available are three: round soft polymer ideal for young vineyards, square yellow / orange hard ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. based in Forlì (FC), ITALY. from Trimmers and Pruners- Side Shoot Remover Product line

  • Front Side Delivery Rakes

    Used after the pruning for the cleaning of the vine shoots. This equipment is jointed on the tractor front favouring the perfect visibility during the job. The movements are hydraulics with electro controls .

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C. based in CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA (PN), ITALY. from Delivery Rakes Product line

  • Mecaflor - Triplants Vine Seedlings Cutting Machine

    The Triplants optimise your vine seedling production.

    By Mecaflor based in THOUARÉ SUR LOIRE, FRANCE. from Horticulture Machine Product line

  • Star Cutter

    The STAR cutter is an ideal machine for the treatment of shoots of vines and/or orchards of 5 cm in diameter, suitable for tractors of 30-70 hp. The highly robust configuration of the machine ensures excellent work performance, due also to the careful and precise balancing of the rotor and of the respective self-sharpening rods. The complete ...

    By Orizzonti s.r.l. based in Imola Bologna, ITALY. from Cutters Product line

  • Biodegradable Paper-Steel Twines for Tying

    Each model, of a different strength, is chosen according to the vineyard pruning technique.  The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines can be used for vines, trees, vegetables and tree nurseries. 100% biodegradable and ecological our tying twines facilitate sustainable development. The LIGAPAL paper-steel twines reduce the wastes in your vineyard.

    By LIGAPAL based in CORMONTREUIL, FRANCE. from Biodegradable Paper-Steel Twines for Tying Product line

  • Tecnovict - Model 105 - Vine Binders

    This machine delicately lifts falling shoots falling towards the center of the row, gathering and bounding them to the row structure. One can operate on a single side of the row (the right one). The binding is done with polypropylene (or other type) twine, tied in advance to the head stake of the vine. The tension of the twine can be adjusted. At ...

    By Spezia srl based in Pianello Val Tidone (PC), ITALY. from Vineyard Vine Binders Product line

  • KMS Rinklin Vario - Model DL 3000 H - Shoot Binder

    The DL 3000 H Vario allows variation of the lifting belts and thus ideally adapts to the height of the wall of leaves. The special lifting belts gently push the shoots upwards; the belt speed can be automatically adapted to the speed of movement if desired.

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Vineyard Shoot Binder Product line

  • Model SP650 - Vine Shoot Tipping Machine

    Vine shoot tipping machine with 1, 2 or 3 rolls or double vine shoot tipping machine provided with cylinder operating side movement and height adjustment and with distributor controlling rotating speed and machine operation.

    By FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine based in Sailetto di Suzzara (Mantova), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Rotoflex - Hydraulic Shoot Remover

    Hydraulic Shoot Removing unit for vineyards: the ideal tool for the soft removal of the shoots from the trunk of the vines and the weed growing under the rows. This unit was designed to be mounted on the suitable frame, both on the front of the tractor and on the side in single (or double) version with a special flange or on the universal rear ...

    By Colombardo based in San Marzano Oiiveto, ITALY. from Inter-Row Product line

  • Agripellets Production Plants

    Pellets are an eco-fuel which are free of all pollutants (such as glues or plastics) and which have the same characteristics as both solid and liquid fuels.

    By Costruzioni Nazzareno Srl based in Breda di Piave (TV), ITALY. from Agripellets Machines Product line

  • Biofire - Vinewood Briquettes

    Biofire vine wood briquettes are composed 100% of vine shoots and stocks. In wine regions, vine shoots and stocks are used for grilling. Known for the incomparable taste they produce when cooking, they are not easily used in their natural state because they are very voluminous and do not keep alight very long. Dried and finely ...

    By Biocom Energy International Ltd based in Yens, SWITZERLAND. from Vinewood Product line

  • Pre-Pruning Machine

    The machine, that can be used especially on runner-system or guyot type support structures, is made by a tunnel frame on which two cutter bars (double-blades), enable to cut the strongest vine shoots, are applied. The machine has also a particular extractive system for the vine runners enable to carry them to the row centre leaving clean the ...

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C. based in CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA (PN), ITALY. from Other Product line

  • Agrow - Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) Trellis System

    AROW Snap in Vertical Trellis System is an easy training system in which growth is trained upward from low cordons, most often associated with Vitis Vinifera Wine Grapes, and commonly referred to as VSP (Vertical Shooting Position) Trellis System. VSP is a common and widely used trellis system for grape varieties of low vigor in narrow rows up to ...

    By Agrow Group based in Ningbo, CHINA. from Vineyard and Orchard Trellis Systems Product line

  • Model S800K - Trimming Machine

    The B.M.V. 'S 800K' trimming machine has been studied to lop kiwi green trees. The machine is applied to the front part of the tractor. The power is supplied by the tractor hydraulic intakes or by an independent hydraulic unit. Hardened steel blades ensure the best quality of lopping with high cutting speeds (2000/2500 rev./min) even when the ...

    By B.M.V. s.n.c. based in Alba (CN), ITALY. from Orchard Pruning Machines Product line

  • Spagnolo - Vine Sucker / Vine Shoot Remover

    Introducing to Australia this coming season in 2018, The Vine Sucker Remover has proven success in the United States of America.  It is environmentally friendly and cuts down on the use of chemicals in your vineyard.

    By Spagnolo Engineering based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA.

  • Single Side Delivery Rakes

    Used after the pruning for the cleaning of the vine shoots. A brush with manual adjustment of length and inclination, makes this equipment economical and adaptable to any tractors.

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C. based in CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA (PN), ITALY. from Delivery Rakes Product line

  • Cucchi - Shoot Tipping Machine

    The shoot tipping machine / mechanical weeding machine was designed to eliminate the grass growing underneath grapevines and to cut off vine shoots (suckers). Wires in various materials can be inserted onto the rotor, with a simple and rapid method of replacement. It offers hydraulically-operated lateral movement and mechanical protection against ...

    By Cucchi snc based in Castelnovo di Sotto, ITALY.

  • Pellenc - Multifunction Optimum Carrier

    Unrivalled work quality. Performance, comfort and ease of handling. In the mid 1990s, we were looking for solutions to optimise the amortisation of our harvesting machines, and in 1996 we bought our first PELLENC multifunction carrier. We were so satisfactied that we now own 35 PELLENC carriers, each of which do pre-pruning, spreading, leaf ...

    By Pellenc SA based in Pertuis cedex, FRANCE. from Vine Growing Product line

  • ERO - Model 500 - Shoot Binder

    The easy-to-use stick-feed automatic stapler takes sticks of 500 staples so that it can also be used effectively for long rows. For easy filling, the magazine can be withdrawn completely from the automatic stapler. Standard equipment of the ERO Shoot Binder 500 includes garn stop, clamping pincer and clearing device. The ERO Shoot Binder 500 is ...

    By ERO-Gerätebau GmbH based in Niederkumbd, GERMANY. from Vineyard Shoot Binders Product line

  • ERO - Model 4000 - Shoot Binder

    Shoot Binder  With a capacity of 4000 staples, the roll-feed automatic stapler can bind more than one hectare of vines between refills. Standard equipment includes garn stop, clamping pincer and clearing device. It is suitable for both front and over-hood mounting.

    By ERO-Gerätebau GmbH based in Niederkumbd, GERMANY. from Vineyard Shoot Binders Product line

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