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  • Less crop loss with the Autonomic at blueberry farm John Benson - Case Study

    Location: Cherokee, Victoria, AustraliaApplication context: Blueberry farm (Food production > Vineyard & Orchard)Problem definition: Blueberries damaged and eaten by birdsPest bird species: Rosella (Psittaculidae)Time of year with bird problem: Summer (December – February)Time of the day with bird problems: From sunrise to sunset


Equipment & Solutions

  • Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Wind Machines are often used to protect very large areas. Find out why we do better than the competition. The wind machine is the most comfortable protection. For smaller areas or lower crops, the mobile windmachine is a good alternative. We also developed burners that can be used in combination with the wind machine.