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  • Organic Vine Management Practices

    Send in the Sheep! Sheep in the vines – what a pleasant view driving in to Baileys Vineyard in Glenrowan, Victoria.  It set me to thinking if this and other organic vineyard management practices could be implemented in all vineyards whether they be organically certified or not.  Does sheep grazing provide a sustainable and practical alternative to chemicals or do they create m


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  • Vineyard Defoliators

    Vineyard Defoliators

    In trials independent institutes have demonstrated that systematic defoliation of the grape zone is a decisive factor in improving wine quality. Because ERO Defoliators work on the `suck and cut` principle, when fitted with a grille with 9 bars (70 mm bar spacing), they can be used for thinning inflorescences. When a top cutter is also fitted, the first trimming operation can be carried out at ...


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  • Agrilevante - 2019

    Agrilevante - 2019

    The event is dedicated to machines, plants and technologies for agriculture, and is the most important event in the field of agriculture, not only for the central and southern Italy, but for the entire Mediterranean basin, Europe and the Balkans middle East.

Agrilevante - 2019

Oct. 9rd - 12th | Bari