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Vineyard Protection equipment for Viticulture

  • Insect Netting

    Fantastic for organic gardening and organic farming, providing bug protection without pesticides. Our insect netting provides protection against insects including Japanese beetles, stink bugs and grasshoppers, as well as birds and hail - all in one application. It can be used as floating row crop covers or hoop netting, cherry tree cover, fruit ...

    By Smart Net Systems Ltd. based in Comox, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Agricultural Nets Product line

  • Overhead Crop Netting

    Smart Net System's Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, saskatoon berry netting, vineyard netting and other crop protection against birds. The system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy with wires running through the edge meshes, ...

    By Smart Net Systems Ltd. based in Comox, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Agricultural Nets Product line

  • Zon - Model Mark 4 - Automatic Propane Crow Scare Cannon

    Automatic propane scarecrow uses sonic blasts to keep birds away from crops. Important note: Unlike the Guardian G2 Cannon, the Zon Mark 4 is not eligible for our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Instead it comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and can only be returned for a refund if it is unused. If you would rather have the full protection of ...

    By Good Life, Inc. based in Medford, OREGON (USA). from Outdoor Products Product line

  • Eolo Hawk - Agriculture Scarecrow

    The Eolo Hawk scarecrow is designed to deter all kind of birds in farms, crop fields, cattle feed, industrial and urban buildins, port and airport facilities. Its dissuasive effect, scare away birds instantly and permanently thanks to its continued flight, with just a slight breeze.

    By Sempre Abril S.L. based in Sant Vicen? de Castellet, SPAIN.

  • Coverplas - Canopy Single Row Drape Nets

    Canopy Net is designed as a throw over netting to provide single row drape over canopy cover. Canopy Netis a knitted single row drape over net for vineyards. Drape over nets allow adequate sunlight and airflow to the canopy while providing a higher cover of bird protection. The net has a reinforced selvedge and a contrasting coloured centre line ...

    By Coverplas Nets based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Drape Over Nets Product line

  • Whitco - Rotary Vineyard Cane Rake

    An innovative solution for processing pruned canes from the vineyard floor. The removal of waste from the under vine area can reduce disease and carryover problems, and has become an important aspect of viticultural hygiene management. The Whitco Cane Rake removes pruning wood & debris from under the vine into the centre of the row, where it ...

  • AirCrow - Inflatable Scare Crow

    The inflatable scarecrow is specifically designed to humanely defend gardens, hobby orchards, small vineyards, boat docks, gazeboes, landscaping and more. Stop birds and animals from eating your fruits, vegetables and berries without the use of unhealthy chemicals or lethal traps.  AirCrow uses life like erratic movement, bright colors and ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Control Products - Bird Repellents Product line

  • Bare Hand - Vineyard Netting and Crop Netting

    Why use Vineyard Netting? Bird-pecked grapes and berries can harbor bacterial and fungal pathogens that alter the flavor of wine or juice. To help growers save their crops from hungry birds, we offer the Bare Hand Vineyard & Crop Bird Netting. Bird exclusion netting is the most effective method of protection from birds for row ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Netting and Bird Net Accessories Product line

  • Bird Gard - Model Pro - Electronic/Ultrasonic Repellers

    The Bird Gard Pro is designed for smaller applications with coverage up to 1 acre. It features a built-in amplifier and speaker and mounts easily to a post or fence using the included mounting bracket. The unit comes pre-recorded in many different configurations. Four of the most common configurations are: agricultural, marine, crow/raven or ...

    By Good Life, Inc. based in Medford, OREGON (USA). from Electronic/Ultrasonic Repellers Product line

  • Vineyard Netting

    Vineyards can be protected in a number of ways depending on the individual needs of the grower. We offer solutions for crop protection with a variety of products and methods.

    By Smart Net Systems Ltd. based in Comox, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Agricultural Nets Product line

  • Giovanni - Model RTCO-VAI - Plastic-Film Stretching Machine with Winch

    The  plastic-film-stretching machine is suitable for the spreading and collection of plastic films and hail nets in coils over canopy vineyards, or medium and large sized greenhouses. The machine is arranged with hydraulic tipper bed for transportation of tractors. The machine comes complete with a winch for the winding of rope and dragging ...

  • Ryset - Vinetech Bird Scarer - Mobile Unit

    VINETECH BIRD SCARER - MOBILE UNIT This allows You to Agressively Chase Birds Out of the Vineyard or Orchard. Simply Press the Button on the Handle Bar Every Time You Want to Fire a Shot. Use to Replace Live Shot to Significantly Reduce Cost and Improve Operational Health and Safety. Occasional Live Shot, Increases the Effectiveness of This Unit. ...

    By Ryset Australia based in Heidelberg West, AUSTRALIA. from Vinetech & Guardian Gas Guns Product line

  • Ginegar - Anti-Insect (Polysack) Nets

    In today’s environmentally-conscious environment, there is a growing awareness of the severe damage caused by toxic pesticides to the environment and to public health. In fact, many consumers are no longer prepared to put pesticide-treated agricultural produce on their tables, and this trend of reduced used of toxic materials will grow ...

    By Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd based in Kibbutz, ISRAEL. from Agricultural - Nets Product line

  • NetWizz - Slim Auto Tension Machine

    'NetWizz Slim Auto Tension' is a machine for applying and removing bird netting in small vineyards, orchards and anywhere crop cover is required. Netting is wound onto a simple spindle in an inter-woven pattern like a roll of twine.

  • Mechanic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon

    ALANKO Mechanic Bird & Wildlife Propone Cannon protects your plantations, fruits and vegetable gardens from pest birds and wildlife in an environmental friendly way without giving any harm to the nature and helps you to gather a bumper crop.

    By ALANKO based in Akşehir, TURKEY.

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