Soil Moisture Monitoring

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  • An Instrumented Rhizotron to Investigate the Root Growth In Wheat - Case Study

    There has been much recent interest in modifying root system properties to overcome the effects of soil abiotic stress on crop growth and yield (Lynch 2007; Ghanem et al. 2011). Plant root systems are usually exposed to heterogeneous environmental conditions due to vertical differences in soil moisture and strength. Strong subsurface layers of soil can confine root systems to shallower soil ...

  • Precision Irrigation - Case Study

    The NIAB EMR WET (Water Efficient Technologies) Centre houses an integrated portfolio of cutting-edge growing techniques and trickle irrigation systems for the soft fruit sector. It provides ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Reference Materials for Environmental Testing

    Reference Materials for Environmental Testing

    Assure accurate analysis of your water, soil or air samplesWhen testing environmental samples, calibration and accuracy is essential. Whether you are testing water, soil, air or waste, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality reference materials in the format you need e.g. neat, in solution, or in soil, drinking or waste water matrices. • Organic pollutants • Pesticides• Ions & ...

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  • Effective Environmental Field Sampling and Data Collection

    Effective Environmental Field Sampling and Data Collection

    This class will give you the tools and knowledge you need to provide the project managers, supervisors, and senior level consultants in your organization with data they can rely on. This course will be particularly helpful for you if your job responsibilities include soil, ground water, and surface water sampling. Situations that can pose a challenge to collecting data and how to effectively ...