Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees distributed in the subsidiaries of Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the US. In a world where water use is constant and universal because of the benefits it brings to the entire planet, optimal use of irrigation systems becomes vitally important both for improving quality and quantity of agricultural products and for safeguarding the ecosystem. One of the pioneers of micro irrigation in Italy 40 years ago, Irritec has 5 regional bases as well as a direct presence with production facilities in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and California in the United States, making it a leading light in the irrigation sector internationally.

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Following the great and successful experience of introducing its’ products into North America, Irritec decided to directly serve the US and Canadian markets with their state-of-the-art products and solutions for irrigation. That’s why in August 2009 Irritec USA Inc. was established with the specific mission of serving the US and Canadian markets and satisfying the needs of our valued Customers.

Irritec USA Inc., headquartered in Fresno, California, is manufacturing and distributing irrigation products, including the popular Perma-Loc Hose and Tape Fittings and associated accessory items in addition to world-class drip tape, valves, air vents, filters, sprinklers and more.

Mike Glassberg, President and Kevin Dieker, Sales Manager lead Irritec USA Inc..

Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees distributed in the subsidiaries of Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the US.

Irritec is fixated on creating high quality products leveraging state-of-the-art proprietary technologies in molding and extrusion together with an internal R&D department that designs and develops new products in accordance with industry needs.

The natural fit of excellent industrial and managerial resources behind Irritec USA Inc. allows the company to be successful in providing excellent customer service along with high quality products at competitive prices.

In 1974 Mr Rosario Giuffrè, together with his son Carmelo and his brother Cono, founded Irritec. At that time the company’s main activity was the manufacturing of PVC blinds. Based in Capo D’Orlando in the province of Messina, it had just 18 employees.

In the following years, Irritec started to grow and the 25-year-old Carmelo Giuffrè came up with a different way of processing plastics. The importance of water saving and the idea of a future in the field of irrigation switched the company’s focus onto the micro-irrigation sector.

In the 80s, micro-irrigation practices spread mainly in Middle Eastern countries, in the United States and in Arabia, reached Italy,too. To meet the new requirements of new agriculture and turf irrigation systems, Irritec expanded its offer with the production of pipes for irrigation and waterworks.

The early 90s marked the beginning of the company’ success: the production of driplines in Siplast (today Irritec) included in Irritec portfolio allowed the provision of complete irrigation systems. In 1990, the current General Manager Mr Carmelo Giuffrè decided to purchase the granting of a patent which led Irritec to produce and sell the first driplines series, followed by the second in 1991, and by the third one in 1992.

That brilliant intuition today allows Irritec to distribute its products in over 140 countries worldwide, to count more than 700 employees, to have production plants in Italy, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, as well as strategic commercial branches in Algeria, Germany and Bologna. In 40 years Irritec has grown steadily and even now it keeps on maintaining strong foundations constantly investing in research for irrigation innovation.

  • Innovation for development: spreading technological progress for the protection of our planet and the improvement of life quality for farmers and those who take care of the plants. Constantly innovating the product catalogue and implementing the continuous perfecting of the manufacturing processes.
  • Competence: offering the most appropriate and effective solutions, guaranteeing reliable products over their whole life, providing customized assistance.
  • Responsibility and commitment to the environment: realizing increasingly efficient irrigation solutions in terms of optimization of the available resources (water, electricity and fertilizers), optimizing the manufacturing processes in order to reduce their environmental impact (noise, air emissions, waste water, waste)
  • Homeland bond: enhancing local expertise contributing to development.
  • Work ethic: acting with responsibility, enhancing human resources and encouraging team work, investing in personnel training.
  • Integrity: acting honestly and fairly in the pursuit of the objectives and in line with the corporate values.

Irritec policy ratifies the involvement of the Management in the respect and implementation of the Company’s commitments and guarantees its notification and support at all levels of the organization, that it is available to all interested parties and that it is periodically reviewed to ensure its constant relevance and adequacy.

  • Promoting and spreading the water saving culture in line with environmental awareness and respect for nature, spending time and resources for on-site assistance activities
  • Promoting dialogue and exchange of views with all stakeholders (public authorities, citizens, associations, etc.).
  • Promoting initiatives aimed at monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Defining measurable and comparable targets and the relevant indicators
  • Pursuing continuous improvement
  • Taking due consideration of aspects related to quality, environment, health and safety at work during the decision-making process
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring of the quality of the supplied service
  • Guaranteeing compliance with the applicable standards in the different territories and sectors
  • Guaranteeing compliance with the applicable environmental legislation
  • Guaranteeing compliance with the applicable health and safety legislation
  • Preventing and reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities (noise, air emissions, waste water, waste) and pursuing the search for solutions that enable energy saving and the production of energy from renewable sources
  • Preventing and reducing the risks to the workers’ health and safety, in particular by ensuring that workplaces are suitable, safe and ergonomic for the performance of the activities, safeguarding the health of workers through continuous health monitoring, implementing measures for the reduction of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Taking effective accident prevention measures and limiting the harmful consequences for workers, the environment and the health of the population by adopting the best available and sustainable techniques
  • Motivating workers to develop, at every level, a sense of responsibility towards the environment and towards their own and their colleagues’ health and safety, encouraging the continuous improvement of the individual skills of each employee.
  • Pursuing the constant increase of the working comfort level
  • Raising awareness among the company’s workers, suppliers and customers of the commitments of this policy and involving them in the pursuit of the objectives.

IRRITEC Sole Administrator recognizes as a strategic choice the development of an integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System and is involved in the respect and implementation of these commitments ensuring and periodically verifying that the policy is documented, implemented, still active, periodically reviewed, communicated the whole personnel and made available to the public. He guarantees to every corporate process manager and to the Head of the Integrated Management System the authority and resources necessary for the control/constant monitoring of the application of the system implementation process and subsequent improvements.


We want to make life easier for those who take care of the plants, for work and for passion. We aim to ensure that every drop is spent as well as possible, minimizing the ecological footprint»


IRRITEC designs, develops, manufactures and distributes highly-technological and reliable irrigation systems all over the world that guarantee the maximum efficiency with the least environmental impact and at reasonable prices.
Specialized in drip irrigation systems, the Company constantly invests in perfecting the manufacturing processes of extrusion and injection molding, thus ensuring the excellent quality standards that have made Irritec an international leading brand.
The constant research of innovative materials and solutions allows for the increasing efficiency of agriculture and gardening products.
Thanks also to the collaboration with remarkable partners, Irritec offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all irrigation requirements and applications, including construction, water supply, heating and plumbing.
Through the direct presence and a diffused international sales network, Irritec closely follows farmers in the whole world to assist them in the selection, design, installation and use of the irrigation systems that best suit their needs.
Constant customer care offers effective and sustainable solutions with a punctual and efficient service.

Irritec works respecting sustainability and environmental ecosystem and it does practicices, every day, the following principles:

Irritec Agronomic Design Team support the farmer during the installation of an irrigation plant able too satisfy ground’s needs. Irritec Agronomic Design Team is composed by professional people, always present, also during post selling period.

Irritec does not only produce single items but carries out real projects designing and supplying complete irrigation systems all over the world. By providing technical assistance and training to its customers, Irritec transfers know-how, thus promoting and spreading the water-saving culture. From the product to its application, technical and agronomic consulting, assistance on the field: Irritec is a reference company for irrigation projects and systems all over the word.

Values and Corporate Policy

Innovation for development:  spreading technological progress for the protection of our planet and the improvement of life quality for farmers and those who take care of the plants. Constantly innovating the product catalogue and implementing the continuous perfecting of the manufacturing processes.