Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees distributed in the subsidiaries of Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the US. In a world where water use is constant and universal because of the benefits it brings to the entire planet, optimal use of irrigation systems becomes vitally important both for improving quality and quantity of agricultural products and for safeguarding the ecosystem. One of the pioneers of micro irrigation in Italy 40 years ago, Irritec has 5 regional bases as well as a direct presence with production facilities in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and California in the United States, making it a leading light in the irrigation sector internationally.

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Following the great and successful experience of introducing its’ products into North America, Irritec decided to directly serve the US and Canadian markets with their state-of-the-art products and solutions for irrigation. That’s why in August 2009 Irritec USA Inc. was established with the specific mission of serving the US and Canadian markets and satisfying the needs of our valued Customers.

Irritec USA Inc., headquartered in Fresno, California, is manufacturing and distributing irrigation products, including the popular Perma-Loc Hose and Tape Fittings and associated accessory items in addition to world-class drip tape, valves, air vents, filters, sprinklers and more.

Mike Glassberg, President and Kevin Dieker, Sales Manager lead Irritec USA Inc..

Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees distributed in the subsidiaries of Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the US.

Irritec is fixated on creating high quality products leveraging state-of-the-art proprietary technologies in molding and extrusion together with an internal R&D department that designs and develops new products in accordance with industry needs.

The natural fit of excellent industrial and managerial resources behind Irritec USA Inc. allows the company to be successful in providing excellent customer service along with high quality products at competitive prices.

The company started with Mr. Rosario Giuffrè, son Carmelo and brother Cono, who founded Siplast in 1974 in the delightful town of Capo d’Orlando, between the mountains and the sea in the province of Messina. At that time the firm had 18 employees and the main activity consisted in the production of PVC blinds. The young Carmelo Giuffre begins to hatch the idea that the future was in irrigation and water conservation.

That intuition, now allows the Irritec to distribute its products in more than 140 countries in the world, counting more than 700 employees and production facilities in Italy, Spain, United States, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, the recent openings of warehouses in Ulm, Germany, Bologna and Algiers complete our global inventory.

In our over 40 years, Irritec has grown steadily while maintaining a solid foundation and important innovations in the field of irrigation. In four decades there have been numerous Italian and global companies that have chosen Irritec products for their crops knowing that they could count on our  reputation, quality products and professional assistance.

Water has become a resource as valuable as oil: 70-80% of available water is used for agriculture, while only 15% is used for industry; the remainder is domestic use.

These figures may be interesting for those who wish to make a profit in specific areas, but first and foremost they demonstrate the importance of conscientious and honest water use. With two-thirds of the world’s population suffering water shortages, avoiding the problem would be like turning our backs on our planet and casting its future into doubt.

To contribute to limiting the water crisis we are convinced that we must take into account a more balanced use of water resources. With Irritec’s long-standing experience in the sector, we have played our part in revolutionizing the concept of irrigation in Italy and the world, introducing innovative solutions – from tubing and driplines to plastic connectors – focusing our attention on drip and micro drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation applies small quantities of water to nourish and water the soil precisely and efficiently. In a short space of time, drip irrigation has largely replaced more traditional irrigation methods.

Irritec is one of the first global irrigation groups to introduce environmental protection systems. The company boasts certification for quality and environmental management to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and continually introduces new measures for safeguarding the ecosystem as well as policies for the handling and recycling of waste.

Ongoing investment in research benefits from expert professionals in the sector and state-of-the-art technologies.

The use of methods and technologies which are constantly updated to keep pace with rapidly changing product developments brings together Irritec’s stengths and is essential in terms of the company’s investment in research.

The Research & Development department consists of various professionals – selected among leading experts in their fields – who work together to keep abreast of the environmental and pedoclimatic situations in the locations where Irritec solutions are addressed.

Each year substantial investment is made in human resources and technology in this area. Agronomists, hydraulic engineers, environmental consultants and designers, with a game plan which never loses sight of the corporate philosophy, love for the environment, work in collaboration, interacting with Production and with Clients and matching their know-how with the most relevant international players in the sector as well as major universities and research centres.

From this process come continual refinements and new generations of products, improving the system’s efficiency and extending to an ever-widening sphere of application.