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  • Moving Floor Singlebox

    Moving Floor Singlebox

    It is now possible to clean a single box while the calf is still there. Simply pull the handle and the top cover underneath the calf will rotate and get scraped off. A soft mattress under the top cover will provide comfort to the calf. By cleaning out several times per day you increase hygiene and avoid flies. Cleaning single boxes just became very easy!

  • Moving Floor Groupbox

    Moving Floor Groupbox

    Clean and healthy calves grow faster and become better dairy cows. Moving Floor Groupbox is programmed to clean and distribute bedding automatically in your desired interval. Take care of the most important thing you have in your crew – your recruitment – your future cash cows!

  • Moving Floor Calf Feeder

    Moving Floor Calf Feeder

    Calf feeding should be easy, hygienic and perfectly adapted to the animals. Moving Floor Calf Feeder is by far the easiest modular system that can automate calf feeding even to small groups of calves. The milk is mixed in a plastic bag with compressed air. Every other day, the old bag is replaced with a new bag. RFID indicates how much milk or concentrate feed that the calf should have. Simple and ingenious.

  • Moving Floor Cubicle

    Moving Floor Cubicle

    It’s really common sense that a cow should not lie down in another cow’s manure and leaking milk. Hygiene is crucial for the health and productivity of a cow. Of this reason we have developed a self-cleaning cubicle that is cleaned every time the cow leaves the cubicle, using only the weight of the cow. Reliable and extremely profitable. It is both common sense and very smart.

  • Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser

    Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser

    Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser can easily be installed in new and old barns to streamline the distribution of bedding material. The Bedding Dispenser is programmed in desired interval and bedding material quantity. It ensures that only new, fresh bedding is supplied to the cubicles several times a day. If bedding materials are stored in front of the cubicles the risk of bacterial growth is very high. From an udder health...