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  • Grain Cleaning

  • Luch - Model ZSO - Grain Separator

    Luch - Model ZSO - Grain Separator

    Grain separator 'LUCH' - ZSO is designed for cleaning grain crops from large, small and light impurities on the mechanized currents, elevators and other grain processing facilities. Grain separator 'LUCH' - ZSO consists of air and sieve separators. Parent grain entering the machine through the suction inlet, is blown by the contrary flow of air, during that a separation from light impurities is made. Then the grain gets to the sieve drum, where it is...

  • Production- Grain Drying

  • Model L-0,3x2 - Grain Dryer Bin

    Model L-0,3x2 - Grain Dryer Bin

    Grain dryer consists of a base is a welded construction. Two pan set on top of the base and connected with him axles. On each tray installed: partition and box assembly. At the bottom of the installed base heating unit with fan. Dryer is equipped with a control board. The product is loaded into the box product. The fan, and then heating the section in turn before reaching the desired temperature of air blown by fans. The air temperature and drying...

  • Model UPU-O - Vertical Dryer

    Model UPU-O - Vertical Dryer

    Source product passes successively through drying section, where contact with the pipes, hot steam. Then the grain goes to the cooling section, where it is cooled by blowing air and then displayed through a special graduation mechanism. Purpose and scope: Dryer is for drying grain cereals during hydrothermal treatment in the formulation of cereals.

  • Transport

  • Model TCO - Scraping Conveyor

    Model TCO - Scraping Conveyor

    Scraping conveyor TCO is designed for the grain processing products transportation, animal feed and other bulk load. Scraping conveyor is used in elevators, grain reception centers, factories for cereals, animal feed, and oil extracting.

  • Aspirating

  • Gravity

  • Model ЗШ30-00 - Hand Parallel Slide Valve

    Model ЗШ30-00 - Hand Parallel Slide Valve

    Hand parallel-slide valve. The parallel-slide valve  qualifies as part of the gravity pipeline system, which does the job of conveying grain products as also other granular materials to bulk containers, silos and such other equipment for storage and further transportation on the established production line. The handling of traffic of the flow of grain products and other granular products through usage of parallel-slide valve. The...