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  • Bison Systems

    Bison Systems

    We have designed our bison handling equipment with the ruggedness it takes to handle bison and combined it with the simplicity found in all Pearson Livestock Equipment.  Pearson Livestock Equipment has become a leader in bison handling equipment.

  • Hydraulic Cattle Chutes

    Hydraulic Cattle Chutes

    Everything that our customers love about the innovative Pearson Chute now operates hydraulically.  Quality, strength, and simplicity are standards we use when making all of our products.  We have continued with our very successful straight side wall design which controls the animals while letting them stand in a comfortable stance.  The clean design of the Pearson Rancher Hydraulic Chute allows the chute to open to thirty inches top and...

  • Head Gates

    Head Gates

    Pearson Livestock Equipment first patented the self catch head gate in 1972 and it has been one of our most popular products ever since. The head gate can be mounted on a Pearson manual chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall.

  • xForce Manual Hydraulics

    xForce Manual Hydraulics

    Pearson Livestock Equipment is proud to introduce the xForce line of livestock handling equipment.  Using the power and convenience of hydralucs, you can multiply your effort and increase your control with no electric power.  The best part?  You can bolt it on to your existing Pearson manual chute (2003 or later)or add it to any new Pearson manual chute.

  • Adjustable Alleys

    Adjustable Alleys

    The all steel, heavy and rugged one piece construction is durable and versatile.  Now available in 15'5' and 8 foot lengths, it may be used with or without the horizontal roll gate, self-catch or manual headgate.  Optional alley trailer makes any unit portable.  We offer the alley in a hydraulic model for convenience and safety.

  • Sweep Tubs

    Sweep Tubs

    The Pearson Livestock Systems Sweep Tub, just like other Pearson system components, is durable and versatile.  The standard 3 section cattle tub can be set up for the sweep gate on the left or the right.  All tubs come standard with a 90-degree out gate.  The opening at the rear of the tub gives the animal a clear view when entering from the holding area.