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  • Tomahawk Range

  • Muck Spreaders

  • Flail Mowers & Forestry Mulchers

  • Mini-Garden Flail Mower

    Mini-Garden Flail Mower

    Available in three cut widths from 1.15m, 1.25m, 1.45m. Suitable for mulching light grass and general amenity areas. From 12HP to 25HP / Category 1 linkage . PTO speed 540 rpm. Rear mount only

  • Swath Conditioners

  • Super-Ted - Swath Conditioners

    Super-Ted - Swath Conditioners

    Engineered specifically for the heavy crops found in the UK, our attention to detail delivers unparalleled performance in the field in both grass and straw applications. The Super-ted 160 has a 1.6m. wide pick-up and is ideal for silage, straw from smaller combines (up to 16' header width) and hay. The Super-ted 221 has a 2.2m. wide pick-up and is suitable for silage (will do two 3m. swaths side by side), straw from all modern combines and hay.

  • Tillage & Cultivation

  • Roterra  - Power Harrow

    Roterra - Power Harrow

    Medium duty - 25 Series : 2.5m working width. Heavy Duty - 35 series : 3m and 4m working width. Very Heavy Duty - 55 series - 3m and 4m working width. Models rated from 100HP to 200HP / Category 2 linkage .  Compact combination unit when fitted to Polymat Pneumatic Drill

  • Multidisc - Disc Harrow

    Multidisc - Disc Harrow

    Multidisc - Heavy Duty : 510mm disc diameter. Multidisc XXL - Very Heavy Duty : 610mm disc diameter.  Models rated from 70HP upwards / Category 2 & 3 linkage . Available with optional Polymat Compact Pneumatic Drill. Hydraulic folding options available up to 12m

  • Multidisc Vario - One-pass Cultivator

    Multidisc Vario - One-pass Cultivator

    Vario 250 - 2.5m working Width - 4 tines. Vario 300 - 3.0m Working Width - 6 tines. Models rated from 100HP to 200HP / Category 2 linkage . Available with optional Polymat Compact seed drill

  • Polymat  - Pneumatic Drill

    Polymat - Pneumatic Drill

    Polymat universal metering device for Cereals and Prilled Seeds, hopper capacity of 820 litres. The metering unit is fully adjustable and has a reduction setting for the use of fine seeds. A cleaning brush is supplied as standard. The seeds are dropped into the air flow and transported via a specially shaped evevation column, then distributed evenly to the tubes by the distribution head. Output rate of 1 to 360 kg/ha (Peas and Beans approx. 450 kg/ha)...