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  • Meet the REL Beast with Henke’s new Mechanical Float

    Meet the REL Beast with Henke’s new Mechanical Float

    Meet the REL Beast on our new YouTube video … Henke’s heavy duty plow is now available with our mechanical float feature which makes plow operation easy as it follows rugged vertical terrain. Couple it with our swivel back plate and you get the full gamut of coverage side

  • Do-It-Yourself Field Tiling

    At a time when grain markets continue to strain row crop revenue potential, many farmers are taking steps to do all they can to maximize productivity and yields.Excess water is a common yield robber ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Snow Plow Machine

    Snow Plow Machine

    REX snow plow,  with a working width 1.5 m or 1.2 m is designed to work with different types of micro-tractors. Its construction is modular: plow with hydraulic lifting and turning system is an independent module attached to a particular type of tractor with a suitable bracket. The brackets are produced in versions adapted to different tractors. When ordering, is required to specify a type ...

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  • Forexpo 2020

    Forexpo 2020

    FOREXPO 2020, the forest show of Southern Europe, n the heart of the largest massif of cultivated forest, at the gates of the Pyrenees and the Iberian Peninsula. Every 4 years, 400 European exhibitors, more than 500 international brands present the latest innovations ranging from forestry to logging on a 70 hectare site. Showcase of cultivated forest, all the techniques and know-how, from the ...