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    LCpro-SD Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System Brochure

    The intelligent portable photosynthesis system True field portability Fully programmable environmental control Miniaturised analyser in chamber head Graphic display Advanced data capture and output capabilities Wide range of experimental applications Sophisticated research within your budget ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

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    ADC - Model LCi-SD - Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System - Brochure

    Weighing just 2kg, the LCi-SD is our smallest, lightest and most compact portable photosynthesis measurement system ever. Full functionality, graphical display, flow control and flexible data logging, to modern SD cards, are all contained within the software controlled LCi-SD console. Powered by a small 12volt rechargeable battery and incorporating the latest in low power ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

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    ADC - Model LCpro T - Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System - Brochure

    The new LCpro T has succeeded the LCpro-SD. The LCpro T builds on its predecessor with colour touch screen display, Li-ion battery, GPS, RGB light unit, multi-parameter graphing and other benefits to create a new generation of photosynthesis ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

  • CIRAS Model 3 Portable Photosynthesis System Datasheet

    CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System Photosynthesis Chlorophyll Fluorescence Soil Respiration Canopy Assimilation ...

    By PP Systems

  • Model CI-340 - Handheld Photosynthesis System Brochure

    The CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System features a new design concept and compact solid-state structure. The entire system: the display, key pad, computer, data memory, CO2 / H2O gas analyzers, flow control system and battery are contained in a single, hand-held chassis. Everything required to measure photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance, PAR and internal CO2 is conveniently ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc.

  • Model TPS-2 Portable Photosynthesis System Datasheet

    Since 1984, PP Systems has been recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of photosynthesis measurement instrumentation for high level research. Currently, we have well over 1,000 portable photosynthesis systems in operation throughout the world and widely referenced in many prestigious scientific ...

    By PP Systems

  • Model PTM-48A - Photosynthesis Monito Brochure

    The PTM-48A Monitor is truly state-of-the-art system for long-term automatic recording physiological characteristics of intact plants. The Monitor has four inputs for original automatic self-clamping leaf chambers. The chamber is normally open and shuts the leaf only for 30 seconds to take readings of both CO2 and H2O exchange rates. The short measurement time provides minimal disturbance of ...

    By Bio Instruments S.R.L.

  • LI-COR - Model LI-6400XT - Portable Photosynthesis System - Brochure

    The LI-6400XT is LI-COR’s newest photosynthesis system, which embodies all of the qualities that made the earlier generations a success: portability, ruggedness, flexibility, and a high level of hardware and software ...

    By LI-COR

  • Horticultural LED Lighting System Brochure

    The world of horticultural lighting is starting a transfromation, with new technology and the beginning of LED lighting. Light spectrums, which are specifically tailored to the crop type in order to optimise photosynthesis, whilst also providing a cooler and significantly lower energy usage light source are becoming increasingly popular and important for glasshouse and ...

    By CambridgeHOK

  • VaraCorp - Aquaculture Aeration System Brochure

    VaraCorp 13492 Research Blvd Suite 120 Austin, TX 78750-2254 800.801.6685 Aquaculture Pond Aeration New aquaculture business owners soon learn that aquatic farming has its benefits and rewards, but also its share of challenges and frustrations. The easy challenges turn out to be locating land for the farm and deciding on the source of food for ...

    By VaraCorp LLC

  • Simgae - Algal Biomass Production System Brochure

    Diversified Energy Corporation a privately-held alternative and renewable energy company, is developing and commercializing an innovative algal biomass production system. Aimed at addressing the shortage and rising prices of oil and carbohydrates for biofuels production, food versus fuel crop challenges, the growing lack of antioxidants in diets, all coupled with accelerating environmental ...

  • Model CI-800 - Programmable LED Experimentation System Brochure

    The CI-800 is a programmable LED plant growth lighting system. It is designed for plant growth rooms and retrofits of environmental growth chambers, replacing fluorescent lighting designed for general illumination rather than plant growth. Strong on blue light, but weak in the critical red region, fluorescent tubes do not deliver targeted light for plant growth. Photosynthetically Active ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc.

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Datasheet

    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour. This is a major determinant of water loss from plant leaves and of CO2 uptake in ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ADC - Model PLU5 - LED Portable Light Unit - Brochure

    The PLU5 is a compact and lightweight light unit for use with the LCi and LCi-SD portable photosynthesis systems. This removable accessory allows researchers to supply up to 2000umol of cool, white light to the leaf in the chamber. There is a separate control unit which allows the intensity of the light to be adjusted in 10 steps from the maximum to the minimum. The PLU5 is powered from the ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

  • SRC-1 Soil Respiration Chamber Datasheet

    The  SRC-1  Soil  Respiration  Chamber  is compatible with all EGM models as well as the  CIRAS-1  and  CIRAS-2  Portable Photosynthesis ...

    By PP Systems

  • Actpak - Model TE500 - Extracted Compost Tea Activator - Brochure

    For effective compost tea you need the right microbes-that’s what ActPak triggers. Through a careful blend of seaweed extract, humic acid, mineral powder, and a variety of botanicals ActPak catalyzes a diverse mixture of microbes and sustains them while the tea is being applied to plants and the soil. ActPak enhances compost tea by providing the maximum in the growth and diversity of ...

    By Midwest Bio-Systems

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    Greenhouse Cogeneration (CHP) Brochure

    Gas engines are highly efficient at providing the stimulus for the growth of plants, whilst in parallel providing a flexible supply of electrical power. Heat, light and carbon dioxide (CO2) all promote plant growth. Gas engines provide electrical power at the alternator and when in a cogeneration configuration can also recover useful heat. Carbon dioxide is released in the exhaust gases of the ...

    By Clarke Energy

  • Magriculture - Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Brochure

    Magriculture, as produced by Giles Chemical division of Premier Magnesia, is an agricultural-grade magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4•7H2O) which is a highly soluble and bioavailable source of magnesium and sulfur for the health of soils, plants, and ...

    By Premier Magnesia, LLC

  • Priva - Climate Control Regulates Brochure

    WWW.PRIVA-INTERNATIONAL.COMMonitoring is keyMonitoring greenhouse climate is of course, integral to any operation. Priva enhances the monitoring aspect of growing by allowing users to install precise and specific sensors to provide accurate and instant information that allows growers to adjust. Sensors provide the user with an extra source of information, which means less room for error. Beyond ...

    By Danvan A/S

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