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Drip Irrigation Systems


Life Irrigation provides the Ecodrip range of drip irrigation products to facilitate automatic watering solutions for garden and landscape irrigation systems. The Ecodrip™ irrigation products we supply and install are very high quality and, when installed and managed properly, can reduce water consumption by almost 90%.

When should Drip Irrigation be used?

Drip irrigation can be the ideal solution to provide an automaticwatering system for slopes and uneven surfaces, or environments which do not normally lend themselves to a regular sprinkler-based system, such as furnished gardens, car parks or roof terraces. Drip irrigation is also suitable for all types of flower beds.

The Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Sub-surface drip irrigation is invisible and can be activated day or night, making it ideal for areas such as roof terraces and certain lawn applications. Drip irrigation systems replace the need for sprinklers and therefore avoid water splashing and also have the benefit of an anti-siphon mechanism which minimises the risk of flooding in low lying areas.

With regard to water distribution, the Ecodrip drip irrigation system uses 1.75 litres of water per hour, per drip throughout the whole zone, regardless of distance from the water source. This ensures exactly the right amount of water is delivered to all areas in order to provide optimum conditions for healthy gardens.

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