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Vegetable Industry equipment

  • Model ALR1500P - Precision Pneumatic Applicator

    The ALR1500P precision pneumatic applicator for dry fertilizer and seed can be hooked up on front of the tractor, on the back with a 3 point hitch or it could be manufactured as pulled type equipment.

    By Industrie Aulari Inc. based in Saint-Barnabé-Sud, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Vegetables Product line

  • Model ALR2103AM - Precision Pneumatic Applicator

    The ALR2103AM precision pneumatic applicator for dry fertilizer can blow fertilizer in a boom providing high accuracy over the entire working width from 30 to 40 feet. The deflectors can easily spread from 30 to 40 inches.

    By Industrie Aulari Inc. based in Saint-Barnabé-Sud, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Vegetables Product line

  • Premium

    KAHL - Protein Shifting System

    A renewable solution; Vegetable proteins from legumes are not only inexpensive, but as renewable raw materials also infinitely available worldwide.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Food Industry Product line

  • Lamtrac - Model LTR 8300T - Mid Level Mulching Machine

    In this ground up redesign, the LTR 8300T brings features such as pivoting tracks, an on board self-diagnostics system, and full engine compartment lighting that are industry first in this horsepower class.  The Cummins QSC 8.3 powers 290HP in a solid hydraulic components layout that maximizes the power going to the mulching head.  This ...

    By Lamtrac International based in Tracadie-Sheila, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Vegetation Management Product line

  • Lamtrac - Model LTR 8290Q - Mid Level Mulching Machine

    Our LTR 8290Q model is the result of three prior generations of Lamtrac Quad Trac articulated designs.  This platform stands the test of time as the ultimate in stability and traction in extreme environments and soft terrain.  With its Cummins QSC 8.3 rated at 290HP, the machine offers the best balance of productivity and cost of ...

    By Lamtrac International based in Tracadie-Sheila, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Vegetation Management Product line

  • Alamo Industrial - Model TRAXX™RF - Remote-control Slopemower

    Alamo Industrial is pleased to announce TRAXX™RF, our new remote-control slopemower that is perfect for tackling vegetation in the toughest terrain. It thrives in challenging, hazardous and confined areas and allows you to reach the places other mowers cannot reach. This slope mower takes on up to 60 degrees with ease. TRAXX™RF enables ...

    By Alamo Industrial based in Seguin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Asa-Lift - Model MK-1000 - Cabbage Harvester

    MK-1000 is a new type cabbage harvester for fresh market as well as for industry. The harvester is easy to operate and the simple construction offers reliability as well as low running costs. The 3-point mounting makes the machine very maneuverable and the pick-op section at the side of the tractor gives the driver a good view of the intake. The ...

    By Unifer International GmbH based in Elmenhorst, GERMANY. from Farm Machines - Vegetable Harvesters Product line

  • Asa-Lift - Model Combi-1000 - Combination Machine

    Combi-1000 is a combination machine which can be built to customers requirements. It features heavy-duty construction with a strong frame. High quality roller bearings and other wearing parts are made to last, offering reliability and low running costs. The low-angle pick-up section has belts extended back over the knives, providing excellent ...

    By Unifer International GmbH based in Elmenhorst, GERMANY. from Farm Machines - Vegetable Harvesters Product line

  • SSI - Methyl Ester

    Methyl Esters are oleochemicals derived from vegetable feedstocks. All methyl esters are not the same. Depending on the feedstock, the methyl ester may have significantly more lubricity or significantly more cleaning power (kB Value). Solvent Systems International produces several methyl ester products that provide these different properties ...

    By Solvent Systems International based in Elk Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester Product line

  • 2040 Vegetable

    Cultivate row planted or bed planted crops in single or multiple rows. As your crops grow, this cultivator can be quickly modified or adjusted with a variety of options and accessories to work all season long. For use in broccoli, cauliflower, melon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper, and bean fields.

    By Alloway Standard Industries based in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Cultivators Product line

  • Model FR140TM, FR140EM-FR140TN, FR140EN - Vegetables Harvester Loader

    We, De Pietri Company, have always believed that the technologic developments should be abreast with the times and it is for this reason that we have been supplying since 40 years machines featuring the best technology for every time. We are proud to introduce the FR140, our new vegetable harvesting machine for the Industry (spinach, chards, ...

    By De Pietri S.r.l. based in Vezzano s/c (RE), ITALY. from Picker and Harvester Loader Product line

  • Model RTME-1100 - Semiautomatic Vegetable Transplanter

    The Renaldo Semiautomatic vegetable transplanter plants through plastic mulch covered beds at about one plant per second, per planting head. One row to six row (on three beds) configurations available. Easy to use carousel feed system requires one operator per planting head. The planting system is designed around our patented, award-winning ...

    By Rocca Industries Pty Ltd based in Tolga, AUSTRALIA. from Other Products Product line

  • CarboGreen - Model Series L and M - Stone and Vegetation Burying Machine

    The oversized blade rotor, with reverse rotation to the direction of movement, projects stones, earth, grass and debris against the sorting grille with a variable gap. The rough material falls into the furrow created by the blades that covered by the finely worked earth, forms a perfect seeding bed. The grilled rear roller levels and compresses ...

    By Carbogreen di Carboni Renzo based in Boretto (RE), ITALY.

  • CLEARWALL - Agri-Flowers & Fruit & Vegetables

    CLEARWALL is an industrial strength wet wall treatment product. CLEARWALL is a 100 % environmentally friendly product, safe for humans, animals and plants. CLEARWALL is a three in one product. CLEARWALL will kill all bacteria, algae and will soften and decalcify the water. CLEARWALL will flocculate the impurities in the water. CLEARWALL will stay ...

    By Gauteng Environmental Services (GES) based in Hatfield, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • EuroPlast - Model CTT - Transport and Storage Box of Fruit and Vegetables

    Ideal for the transport and storage of fruit and vegetables. Increased capacity by way of the new structure and curving of the sides. As a result, better use is made of the existing capacity.

    By Europlast Plastics Industry GmbH based in Dellach im Drautal, AUSTRIA. from Boxes for Agricultural Use Product line

  • Industrial Dryers

    Industrial Dryers have been supplied for capacities up to 25,000 kg/h of high quality cereals, French fries, extruded products, vegetables, food ingredients and many other products.

    By Tek-Dry Systems Limited based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Products Product line

  • Levantagri - Frontal and Ground Level Tipper

    Frontal Tipper (RF350 - RF500 - RF1000); Helpful in oil mills and vegetables farm. Fits for the forks of all thermal and electric trucks. model RF350 also for electrical transpallets. It can locks and moves frontally overturns bins with just one control lever.

    By Anty s.r.l. based in Bitetto (BA), ITALY. from Industrial Equipments Product line

  • Levantagri - Hydraulic Buckets

    In a few minutes it is possible to transform a lift truck into an handy mechanical shovel. It is helpful for moving products like olives, marc, cereals, tuber, vegetables, sand, crushed stone  lime, shavings and small parts. (the standard type is Fem II; you can have also FEM III or other measures you prefer only by request). Quick  ...

    By Anty s.r.l. based in Bitetto (BA), ITALY. from Industrial Equipments Product line

  • Batch Cooking Plants for Fruit & Vegetable Processing

    KASAG experts are specialists in the construction of kettles, industrial cooking plants for the production of fruit base, vegetables and sauces. Its comprehensive systems that include cookers, coolers, condensers, piping and valves are being built according to current requirements in aseptic design.  Preventing product contamination caused by ...

    By KASAG Swiss AG based in Langnau im, SWITZERLAND. from Batch Cooking Plants Product line

  • Charcoal Dust / Charcoal Powder

    Charcoal dust, charcoal powder is the blackish residue consisting of mostly carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from wood or other biomass substances. Carbon or char packs more potential energy per unit than raw wood. Chardust is used in the production of barbecue charcoal briquettes.

    By Olivketts Handels GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Industrial Products Product line

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