Agricultural industry Equipment in Quebec

  • Showcase

    Constellation - Model MD - Bio-Choppers-Mixers

    Suitable to process green residuals coming from landscape maintenance, pruning and tree trunks included, pallets, market and cumbersome.

    By Seko Industries Srl Distributor in Drummondville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Bio-Choppers-Mixers Product line

  • Premium

    PROBIOSPHERE AquaEnzClean - Unique Concentrated Consortium of Enzymes

    PROBIOSPHERE’s AquaEnzClean” is a unique concentrated consortium of enzymes (Cellulase, Xylanase, Alfa amylase, Neutral Protease, Lipase and Phytase) for keeping the ponds clean. The blend is composed of 6 effective enzymes.

    By Probiosphere Inc. based in Riviere-Du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Unique Concentrated Consortium of Enzymes Product line

  • Eclipse Canopy

    EL Model: Black formed roof, Black structure. ES Model: Black formed roof, Black structure, (2) Front worklights with console mounted switch, (4) Directional lights. EX Model: Black formed roof, Black structure, Standard formed headliner covering the accessories, Dome light with built-in switch, Ignition cut-off solenoid, (2) Front working lights ...

    By Laurin Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Eclipse Canopy Product line

  • Pedno - Tex Track

    More aggressive than the Wintertrack.

    By SCP 89 Inc.-Pedno based in Laterrière, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Tex Track Product line

  • Model Variant 370/350 - Hay Equipments

    Presses VARIANT 350 and 370 are guaranteed excellent profitability in dry conditions. With this round baler, CLAAS offers you an unbeatable quality / price ratio, a true professional machine absolutely outstanding performance.

    By Pickens Farm Equipment based in Waterloo, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Hay Equipments Product line

  • Model PMM/SSL - Skid Ssteer Loaders

    hydraulic gear type motor with variable displacement (52-63 ccm) for high and low flow usage, skid steer loader type quick attachment plate with self leveling device, self cleaning rear roller with integrated skids, anti-projection flaps, adjustable rear hood, structural steel frame with 3 rows of Hardox steel counter knives, hydraulic hoses, ...

    By GB Equipement inc. based in Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model EXTINV-30-6-10 - Inverted Snow Plows

    The perfect tool for residential snow removal the plow allows you to get right up close to the building or garage and back drag the snow. With a maximum opening width of 10 feet and a minimum width of 6 feet this plow can easily maneuver around tight corners.

    By Cotech Inc. based in St-Éloi, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Inverted Snow Plows Product line

  • Model 7900 - Matador

    HP recommended: 50 HP PTO minimum. Overall width: 102' to 104' / 259 cm to 264 cm. Overall length: 187' / 475 cm with rear hitch - 175' / 444 cm without rear hitch. Operating speed: 46' / 117 cm with pickup lowered - 48' / 122 cm with pickup raised. Hydraulic outlets required: Two double acting outlets. Tires: 5.90 x 15. Operating speed: Up to 10 ...

    By Les Machineries Pronovost Inc. based in Sainte-Tite, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Matador Product line

  • Arctic - Model XHD120-P - Poly Heavy Duty Extra Long Snowplow

    Practically scaring snow into the ditch: Thirty-three inches high at the moldboard and 10' across, the Arctic XHD-P is a step-up from the Arctic HD-P and Arctic HDXL-P models. Eight vertical ribs, a 50' double plate, reinforced quadrant and frame combination, and the slick poly blade mean that you - not Mother Nature - decides where winter is ...

    By Arctic Snowplow Office in Pointe-Claire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Poly Heavy Duty Extra Long Snowplow Product line

  • Wheeler Junior Trailer

    Here is a trailer that does not require any special permit. It can be registered as a regular trailer. The Wheeler has been designed, tested and approved by professionals. It can be adapted to the specific needs of the contractors and professional buyers of logs. With the Wheeler, you will work faster and increase your productivity. Built in a ...

    By Métavic inc. based in Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Kerr - Low Profile Full Length Tilt Trailer

    Kerr Trailers offers this quality low profile full length tilt trailer for easy transport of equipment and machinery. This trailer is available with an 8 foot long gooseneck or a tag-along. This low profile full length tilt trailer has a low centre of gravity for increased stability and safety when loading, unloading and transporting equipment.

    By Kerr Trailers based in Cookshire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Low Profile Full Length Tilt Trailer Product line

  • Kerr - Low Profile Fixed Section Tilt Trailer

    Kerr Trailers’ low profile fixed section tilt trailer makes transporting equipment and machinery easy and safe. The 18 foot long platform provides you with a fixed 5.5 foot section and a 12.5 foot long tilting section. This low profile fixed length tilt trailer tilts approx. 20 degrees to simplify loading and unloading. This trailer is ...

    By Kerr Trailers based in Cookshire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Low Profile Fixed Section Tilt Trailer Product line

  • Servo - Model 35 - Mounted Ploughs

    Mounted ploughs 3-, 4- and 5-shares - up to 140 hp.

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in St-Cesaire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Mounted Ploughs Product line

  • Model TJ 1G - Foam Marker for ATV Sprayers and Drop Spreaders

    The TJ 1G foam marker is economically built for ATV sprayers and for drop spreaders. The marker generates small foam balls at the end of the boom (or on each side of the spreader).  A full tank will last approximately 1.5 hours maximum depending on the flow rate and the quantity of foam agent used. Easy and fast to install. Foam marker is ...

    By Salvarani North America based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Foam Marker for ATV Sprayers and Drop Spreaders Product line

  • Allflex - Model 7020 - One-Piece Handhelds

    The Aleis 7020 RF ID Reader is perfectly suited for all RFID identification situations with its powerful reading ability and storage capacity of up to 10,000 RFID numbers. Distinctive tones and bright LEDs identify when an animal RFID has been read and stored. A visual screen displays animal count as you read.

    By Allflex USA Inc. Office in Hyacinthe, QUEBEC (CANADA). from One-Piece Handhelds Product line

  • Model Septiguard Animalerie - Cleaning and Deodorizing Product for Animal Surfaces

    SeptiGuard Pet is a cleaning product for animal cages, litter boxes, carpets, and any other surfaces in contact with your pets. Ideal for grooming salons, pet shops, and veterinary clinics to clean cages, grooming room, bathrooms, and surface drains.

    By NUVAC based in Valcourt, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cleaning and Deodorizing Product for Animal Surfaces Product line

  • EthylBloc - Ethylbloc Technology

    EthylBloctechnology is an ethylene action inhibitor that works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh from the field during shipping and distribution. It can be used with cut flowers, potted flowers, and bedding, nursery and foliage plants. The negative effects of ethylene have been estimated by the industry to cause up to 30% of ...

    By AgroFresh Office in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Ethylbloc Technology Product line

  • Dilat+ - Foliar Nutrient (18-0-0)

    Dilat+ is a liquid nutrient designed for soil, foliar and fertigation applications in order to prevent and treat nitrogen deficiencies. Dilat+ stimulates growth and restores plant vigour. It can be used on every crop based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on Dilat+, consult your ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Foliar Nutrient (18-0-0) Product line

  • SoyAgro - Foliar Nutrient with Micronutrients (5-0-0 With 3% S + Micros)

    SoyAgro is a concentrated liquid nutrient specifically formulated for foliar applications in order to prevent and treat boron, iron, manganese, and zinc deficiencies in soybean and bean crops. SoyAgro is also a source of nitrogen and sulphur, two essential elements for crop performance and crop quality. It can be used based on soil and ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Foliar Nutrient with Micronutrients (5-0-0 With 3% S + Micros) Product line

  • Manac - Grain Hoppers

    Front ladder and catwalk. Allows the driver to inspect the load. Welded Tarp bows with full length ridgepole. Reduces tarp from sagging. Butterfly door crank. 33 and 44 degree floor slopes. Easy unloading.

    By Manac inc based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Grain Hoppers Product line

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