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Model EG - Spreader



SAUERBURGER'S Spreader EG gives your animals a sturdy bed of cut straw, sawdust or other suitable materials without manual work by simply driving past.

Suitable for spreading materials such as

  • Sawdust and wood shavings
  • Separated manure
  • Cut straw with a residual straw length of 10 to 15 cm and other spreadable materials

The SAUERBURGER Spreader EG consits of a sturdy steel plate construction with two anti-torsion pick-up bars at the rear. The front side or pick-up side consists of a cutter blade made of Hardox and two carrier profiles, which give the front extreme rigidity. The side walls open up further towards the outsides. This is achieved by two beads, which give the entire construction even more strength and more durability.

Due to its many setting options, the device is one of the most versatile in its application area:

  • Speed of the conveyor belt - two basic speeds are standard and achieved by different chain wheels
  • Number of forks (pairs, single or without forks)
  • The width of the ejector shaft can be set using the sliding plates with long holes
  • Reel tubes with Ø 76 mm or Ø 127 mm are available as options


  • Variation 1 for sticky spreading materials
  • Variation 4 for lighter spreading materials similar to bulk materials

Agitator shaft with large diameter + 1 curved + 1 short, straight fork

Our recommendation:
Lime-straw-water mixtures/semi cut bales with residual straw length of 7 cm/heavy, sticky composts/heavy sand

Agitator shaft with small diameter and 2 long, curved forks as a 'Y' version

Our recommendation:
Solids of separated manure/light organic composts/sawdust/wood shavings

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