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Ideal for hard, dry dirt, a Veda Farming Vibrating Subsoiler prepares the land by infusing air into the soil to increase drainage without changing the composition of the soil. After many years of agronomical study, Veda Farming Vibrating Subsoilers were engineered to efficiently chop up heavy and stony dirt and fracture hardpan without mixing debris into the dirt or pulling it up from the bottom. The design enables the machine to reach a depth of 3-4 feet while fertile soil remains on top and the ground remains porous and airy to help water rise up during periods of drought.

All three subsoilers (from one to three shanks) reduce power needs by 30% and reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation. These efficient subsoilers vibrate sideways and their unique rotary device moves tines helicoidally to allow easier penetration without needing a massive tractor.

Each component has been designed with high quality, certified materials that result in extremely low maintenance and a reduced need for replacement parts. Veda Farming offers two Shaker Vibrating Rippers with a working depth of 3 feet that use either one or two shanks. These two vibrating subsoilers have a special vertical alternating movement to generate foot vibration which results in an impressive breaking up of challenging farmland. The subsoiler’s low traction requirements are ideal for tractors from 80 to 120 hp. The larger Vibrasoil model works well with tractors rated at 150-350 hp, and uses 3 shanks for a working depth of 4 feet. Veda Farming has the right size subsoiler for any condition and power requirement so you won’t pay for more power than you need.

Contact Veda Farming today for a free evaluation of your specific project needs. Veda Farming wants you to be confident you have the right implement for the job. We back that up with a free demonstration right on your field.

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