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Yield Max Gen. II Short Bed Digger



The Yield Max Gen. II Short Digger is the ultimate machine for the harvesting of sweet potatoes and other root crops. Gentle crop handling is the result of careful design and engineering. Adjustable shakers, variable speed hydraulic driven chains, and very short end drop are but a few of its features. This machines leaves nothing in the ground, but leaves your crop gently place on top of the ground for harvesting.

  • Available in 2 row or 4 row models
  • Completely adjustable row widths from 40” to 48”
  • 21' x 45mm pitch chain webbing, other sizes available
  • 12.4 CID hydraulic motor drive
  • Adjustable shakers
  • Heavy duty flange and return rollers
  • Cat. II - Cat. III Hitch

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