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  • Vibro Spreader

    Vibro Spreader

    This tiny water spreader is one of Rain-Tal's leading products for low volume irrigation. It generates a circular uniform droplet distribution over a range of throw diameters from 2 to 6 meters. The product is available for a variety of flow rates, from 20 L/hr (5.3 GPH) to 160 L/hr (42.3 GPH). The nominal flow rate values are for a pressure of 2 bars (30PSI) and variations of the flow under pressure are provided in the Flow Rate Chart. A special...

  • Buzzing Dripper

    Buzzing Dripper

    The Buzzing Dripper is a self-regulating dripper. It controls the flow rate by a vibrating valve that creates a buzzing noise while operating. The dynamic vibrations prevent the formation of salt and lime sediments that mostly clog other types of drippers. It means that this unique dripper is also a self cleaning device, which ensures a very long trouble-free operation. This noise may be useful for monitoring the dripper proper functioning, for example...