Rain-Tal Ltd.

Rain-Tal Ltd.

Ein-Tal has been known as a producer of advanced irrigation devices and a leader of implementing novel watering technologies and systems for over 30 years. The company specializes in unique solutions for arid and semi-arid climates, where water saving is highly important, in low volume irrigation for greenhouses and mist generation for germination, as well as in orchards and open field agriculture. The company was founded by Mr. Peretz Rosenberg, a farmer, engineer and a reputable inventor. During 30 years he invented, patented and developed a vast selection of irrigation products and water filters. His son, Dr. Gideon Rosenberg, an experienced physicist, took over the company management and moved the technology and continuing engineering to Rain-Tal Ltd.

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Kibbutz Barkai , 3786000 Israel
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Rain-Tal continues the traditional brand of Ein-Tal irrigation products that includes both water spreading devices and drip systems.

Most of our water spreading devices are low volume irrigation products made for both surface and overhead irrigation for flow rates from 20 L/hr up to 300 L/hr. Most of the devices are specifically designed with unique/patented features, such as cleanable nozzles, vibratory droplet generation that enables mist generation and prevents clogging.

Our drippers can be combined in both pressurized systems and in gravity irrigation. At the high flow end our compensating dripper is a vibratory dripper that never clogs and at the low flow end we offer micro dripping systems that emit water at a flow rate as low as 0.2 L/hr.

Rain-Tal also produces the SDF water filters made of plastic disks of unique surface pattern which allows easy back wash for cleaning the filter when clogged. Mesh grade 120 and mesh grade 150 are mostly popular for agriculture applications. The production technology includes upgraded mesh grade 3000 (5 microns) that are used in filters for urban and home customers.

Rain-Tal is a certified vendor by some of the major companies in the irrigation business.

Our products that are sold to Netafim and to Naan-Dan-Jain are being continuously inspected for performance and quality by their QA control departments. Raphael Tyco is purchasing our Pressure Reading Sockets products, which are installed in Rapahel's valves and comply with Raphael's quality system. Our filter disks - SDF brand – that are sold for installation in the Toro 2' and 3' water filters are also continuously inspected by the customer. Rain-Tal's internal quality control department is inspecting the quality of components, assembled products and their functioning.

In 2007 Rain-Tal's organization was restructured and modernized. Most of the production is currently subcontracted and the company's management team focuses on product improvements and marketing. The production plant and other facilities are located at the north industrial zone of Or-Akiva, Israel.

The management team:

  • Dr. Gideon Rosenberg, Ph.D. Physics, Managing Director.
  • Ms. Ilana Hayoon, Finance Manager.
  • Mr. Eitan Garame, Production and Logistics.
  • Mr. Avi Ben-Dor, Q.A inspector.