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Tillage Equipment

  • Model A 900 - Rotary Tillers

    Rotary Tillers For a light average employment. Single speed gearbox.

    By FALC srl based in Faenza (RA), ITALY. from Rotary Tillers Product line

  • Model MB 25H - Micro Tiller

    Engineered to work in vegetable gardens or flower beds, this tiller helps get through most painstaking yardwork. It is designed for surface work. Versatile thanks to its many accessories, it can be used year-round.

    By Pubert based in Chantonnay Cedex, FRANCE. from Tillers Product line

  • Great Plains - Mounted Tillage Equipment

    Great Plains Simba offers a wide range of innovative mounted tillage equipment including disc and tine cultivators, subsoilers, presses and rollers. Designed and manufactured around proven agronomic principles, our products provide effective solutions that meet your needs for seedbed preparation, soil loosening and consolidation. Machines are ...

    By Peacock & Binnington based in North Lincs, UNITED KINGDOM. from Great Plains Product line

  • Seedbed Finishers

    The Wil-Rich 1400 Seedbed Finisher is a multi-purpose final pass seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation tool. It is a complete machine designed to make a firm, flat seedbed in only one trip, and it can incorporate chemicals effectively, resulting in a more productive seedbed.

    By Wil-Rich based in Wahpeton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Secondary Tillage Product line

  • Model VP Series - 2-row Subsoilers

    Vibrational 2-row subsoiler with pneumatic fertiliser device is purposed for subsoiling the ground and for underground fertilising in vineyards and orchards.

    By INO BREZICE d.o.o. based in Krska vas, SLOVENIA. from Vibrational Subsoilers Product line

  • Athens - Model 156 - Chisel Plows

    Tine Size – See Optional Equipment. Tine Spacing - 12'. Chisel Points - 5/8'. Clearance, Frame to Point - 26' or 32'. 2 Bar Extension Widths - 2' or 4'. 3 Bar Extension Widths - 2', 4', or 6'. Hitch – Category I, II, or III.

    By Athens Plow Company,Inc. based in Athens, TENNESSEE (USA). from Chisel Plows Product line

  • Tifone - Subsoilers

    TIFONE SUBSODLERS are used for the soil conservation tillage. TIFONE SUBSOILERS are equipped with a strong frame on which are fixed the working tools. Globo Agri Cult proposes three subsoiler categories splitted into carried and towed ones.

    By GLOBO AGRI CULT based in Piove di Sacco, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Oliver - Deep Subsoilers

    Talking of minimum tillage the plowing it has been considered, since many years, the most suitable way to optimize the soil fertility! Now it is not anymore like this!

    By GLOBO AGRI CULT based in Piove di Sacco, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Twister - Vertical Tillage Machine

    The Mandako Twister is the true Vertical Tillage machine, outperforming the competition in heavy soils and clay applications.

    By Mandako Agri Marketing Inc. based in Plum Coulee, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • Model Carrier and Carrier X - Tillage Equipment

    Carrier and Carrier X are built for flexibility and durability. This tillage equipment is ideal for conditions ranging from heavy stubble to tilled fields. Whether creating a seedbed with ultra-shallow cultivation, incorporating fertilizer or efficiently working large amounts of harvest trash, Carrier and Carrier X are the best tools for a wide ...

    By Seed Hawk Inc. based in Langbank, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Tillage Product line

  • KF-Quantum - Model 60 - Tillers

    Engine: Briggs & Stratton Series 675 (190 cm3). Rotation (number of tines) 2x2 vagy 2x3. Cultivation width: 520 vagy 770 mm. Cultivation depth: max. 220 mm. Weight: kb. 47 kg

    By Szentkirály Kft. based in Szava, HUNGARY. from Tillers Product line

  • Case IH - Offset Disk Harrows

    Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 offset disk harrows perform a wide array of soil-conditioning tasks with tough, long-lasting components. Two models are available, providing a range of disk blade width and spacing options.

    By Case IH - a division of CNH Global based in St. Valentin, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tillage Product line

  • Model CMR95 - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler is a pulled tool by the tractor, which carries out a quite rough working of the soil, but moving it very deeply, with a vertical cut more than 90 cm deep. The structure of this equipment is composed of a simple but very strong frame, to which are usually fixed one or two high-strength steel shanks, equipped to its lowest part of an ...

    By Cosmeco s.r.l based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • DRAGON - Model Series PM - Subsoiler

    This subsoiler is a perfect choice for deep soil processing. Instead of turning soil layers it carefully looses them by width. It is used for pre-sowing preparation, stubble processing and soil surface leveling. Extremely suitable for soils exposed to erosion and drying as well as soils with over wetted surface and shallow soils in mountain areas.

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Subsoiler Product line

  • TWISTER - 2.50 m - 8.00 m Short Disc Harrow

    Already the pre-crop harvest paves the way for a successful subsequent tillage. The turning of stubble after harvest should utilize the left-over humidity of the soil and therefore provide the seed advancement of weed seeds and lost crop. No matter if conventional soil cultivation is done with a harrow or non-turning operation.

    By Einböck GmbH & CoKG based in Dorf an der Pram, AUSTRIA. from Minimum Tillage Product line

  • TAIFUN - 2.50 m - 7.00 m Universal Fine Cultivator

    For effective operation on small or large areas, the Einböck universal fine cultivator TAIFUN is a multi-purpose, all-round machine. The TAIFUN is a classic machine for seed bed preparation due to its high and spacious frame construction - especially for areas with winter greening. The working-in of liquid manure and stable dung as well as ...

    By Einböck GmbH & CoKG based in Dorf an der Pram, AUSTRIA. from Minimum Tillage Product line

  • V-Till - Tillage Harrow

    The V-Till offers an affordable alternative for those low-residue tillage applications that require total loosening and do not need coulters. Bigham combines the proven advantages of tillage with award-winning Paratill Legs and a popular frame style. Super Duty V-Till® excels in high horsepower applications. ...

    By Bigham Brothers, Inc. based in Lubbock, TEXAS (USA). from Tillage Product line

  • Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    The Advantage is a soil restructuring machine using Sabre Ultralite tines and Diamond consolidation roller technology. The Advantage can replace a traditional subsoiler or be used as a vital tool in a No-till cultivation system. With low organic matter levels in soil, a wet climate and often high clay content, British soils require a good ...

    By Tillso based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Breviglieri - Model B 40 F - Fixed Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tillers manufactured by Breviglieri are all PTO-driven and are used to loosen and mix both firm soil, during primary tillage, and tilled soil (e.g. during secondary tillage to prepare the seed bed). The tilling implements, which can consist of hoe, radial blade or spike assemblies mounted on a horizontal rotor (4 or 6 per flange), work by ...

    By Breviglieri S.p.A based in Nogara, ITALY. from Fixed Rotary Tillers Product line

  • Sunflower - Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool

    Eliminate Soil Compaction While Managing Crop Residue. Soil compaction is a thief; robbing you of yields by denying your crop of nutrients and moisture. The 4200 Series from Sunflower is the answer. This coulter chisel can completely fracture hardpans and eliminate soil compaction to a depth of 12“. Equip the heavy chisel standards with ...

    By Sunflower Manufacturing - part of AGCO Corporation based in Beloit, KANSAS (USA). from Primary Tillage Tools Product line

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