Equipment in Saskatchewan

  • Deluxe Hunter

    This model is extremely popular for farm use as it convinently carries all sorts of garden tools and can easily be filled and dumped with many things.

    By Bergen Industries based in Drake, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Hydraulic Drive Augers

    Grain augers are one of the most common pieces of equipment around most farm yards. This one is anything but 'common'. You want to move an auger easily?, this is the 'toy' for that project! Need to move grain in the summer, in the winter, or in a hurry? The 10 3/4' Bergen grain auger can do just that for you. With the hydraulic drive wheels, ...

    By Bergen Industries based in Drake, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Harvest Feeder Chain

    It seems to us that most feeder chains were designed in Fred Flintstone’s day. They are heavy and cause premature wear on the drive mechanism and feeder house bottom. They often wear out sprockets and stretch chains prematurely because of their weight. The slats are virtually impossible to straighten and because they are riveted you are ...

    By Harvest Services Ltd. based in Craik, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • RoGator - Model RG1300 - Sprayer

    No other sprayer even comes close.  Weeds, insects and crop disease don’t wait for dry fields.  You shouldn’t have to either. The RG1300 features the new 339 hp engine and proven drive package that allows you to match speed to field conditions more efficiently which is perfect for the prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba). RoGator takes ...

    By Ag World Equipment based in Kinistino, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • New Holland - Model CR - Combines

    Introducing NEW CR Series combines from New Holland. They continue the more than 35-year pure Twin Rotor® bloodline, offering superior multi-pass threshing and best-in-class grain and straw quality. You can also expect industry leading stone protection thanks to the new, Dynamic Stone ProtectionTM system and superior residue management ...

    By Robertson Implements based in Swift Current, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Bourgault - Model 5810 - Air Hoe Drill

    Bourgault's long history of providing top seeding implements continues with the 5810 AHD.  By maintaining proven features from past designs and incorporating new innovations, Bourgault offers the most advanced and effective air hoe drill on the market.

    By Redhead Equipment based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • SMARTYIELD - Model PRO - Harvest Control

    Dealers installing their first SmartYield™ Pro systems were amazed at the ease and speed at which an installation could be completed. The system was extensively tested on over 40,000 acres of all major crops with accuracies often exceeding 97%. Producers who tested SmartYield™ Pro side by side against factory installed force-plate ...

    By Raven Industries, Inc. Office in Stockholm, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Harvest Controls Product line

  • Model RDX117 - Snowblowers

    The RDX-117 Rotating drum allows snow to be ejected out left or right side or center chute. The Schulte’s RDX-117 incorporates a 38” Five paddle open center cupped style fan which improves performance and is larger than most competitive designs on the market. On the RDX-117, a 1000 RPM gear driven drive system is standard. A size 8 ...

    By Schulte Industries Ltd. based in Englefeld, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Snow Removal Product line

  • Dutch Openers - Seed Brakes

    Stainless Steel Construction to prevent corrosion, Optional internal baffle to slow seed down, Splitter, Combiner model available to combine or split 2 product hoses, Testing shows that by using DUTCH Seed Brakes, seed placement is improved dramatically

    By Dutch Industries based in Pilot Butte, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Model CFR 650 - Feed Chopper nd Metered Grain Insertion System

    The CFR650 is expandable to meet your growing operation. Add a Feed Chopper™ to further process the feed. Add Metering to add grains, pellets or concentrates directly into the feed. The Highline Feed Chopper™ has 128 blades running at up to 3000 RPM to further cut material and crack seed coats for easy digestion. The Feed ...

    By Highline Manufacturing Ltd. based in Vonda, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Flexxifinger - Model QD HD - (Heavy-Duty) Lifter

    Just in time for the start of the 2011 production year, Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. is pleased to introduce the release of our brand new HD (Heavy-Duty) Lifter - a hybrid design integrating the concept of our award-winning Pulse Crop Lifter with three longer and thicker nylon fingers. After months of customer trials and overwhelming positive ...

    By Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. based in Assiniboia, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Model 2320 - Compact Utility Tractor

    The loader can attach to and detach from the 2320 Compact Utility Tractor in under three minutes with no tools. This model is also iMatch AutoHitch compatible.

    By Nykolaishen Farm Eqpt Ltd. based in Kamsack, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Tractors Product line

  • Challenger - Model 600B Series - Complete Chopper System

    The MAV Complete Straw Chopper provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper and chaff spreader. It cuts extra fine, spreads wider, and allows the spreading straw and chaff.

    By Redekop Manufacturing Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Straw Chopper System Product line

  • E-Kay - Auger Movers

    Sleek single removable Castor Wheel reduces weight onAuger Tube when towing, with no clutter when entering bin. Go between post on hopper bottoms bins.

    By E-Kay Enterprises Ltd based in Biggar, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Haukaas - Trailer Conveyor

    Central unload for both hoppers. No cross contamination. 17” wide enclosed conveyor with cleanout. Faster than a 10” auger. Does not reduce trailer clearance. Not a hindrance in the elevator. ...

    By Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd. based in Mortlach, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Haukaas - Bin Door Insert

    Easily remove a single load with no mess. Eliminate stuck augers! Use 10” or 12” augers to empty bins. Creates a tighter seal when using aeration. Keeps the rodents out. Optional “Vac” chute.

    By Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd. based in Mortlach, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Haukaas - Bale Rack Kits

    The bale rack kits are designed to enable a standard 102″ (8′ 6″) wide highway trailer to safely haul large round bales (Pipe Style). The kits are made up of welded sub-assemblies and brackets that have be designed to be easily welded to 2-7/8″ OD pipe (*schedule 40 recommended).  The 2-7/8″ pipe is not provided ...

    By Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd. based in Mortlach, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Hauser - Revo Roller

    The NEW HAUSER REVO ROLLER revolutionizes swath rolling and transport! Our all steel drum swath roller has been contouring and tucking the edges of canola swaths across Western Canada for over 10 years. Why settle for a plastic drum when you can have a quality and fully steel manufactured drum that is time tested.  Couple ...

    By Hauser`s Machinery Ltd. based in Melville, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Model PF 144 - Garratt Air Screen

    Built for on farm use as a single unit, or an in line machine for a commercial plant. Large screen area. Smooth Operation. Extra large air settlings chambers. Remote or Intragal Blower. Weighted vibrating feeder. Simple Design.

    By Garratt Industries Ltd. based in Milestone, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • McCormick - Model C-Max - Cab/Platform Tractor

    The McCormick C-Max (T3), equipped with either cab or platform, adds a new level of economic functionality to the McCormick line. With power ranging between 83 and 102 hp, these three models place themselves just one step below the “CX” series, offering all the features required for this kind of tractors, but with a simpler, ...

    By E Bourassa & Sons based in Soh Obo, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

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