Agricultural industry Equipment in Saskatchewan

  • Model H & H 30 - Gooseneck Trailer

    Standard torque tube system eliminates any unwanted side-to-side twist! If you've ever pulled a trailer without these, you will notice the difference immediately on an H&H. - 12' wide flange 14lb/ft I-beam frame and neck - built for heavy service. - Standard drop-down nose on neck eliminates excessive coupler flex under heavy load...this ...

    By Star Line Trailer Sales Ltd. based in Bredenbury, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Model 610-TIP-3500 - Multi-Shoot Openers

    These openers feature a 3-1/2” Paired Row liquid double shoot tip with no vertical seed/fertilizer separation.  Part of the Versatile Opener System.

    By Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. based in St. Brieux, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Multi-Shoot Openers Product line

  • Kyle - Welding Water Troughs

    Kyle Welding has been making water tanks and troughs for over the past fifty years, some are still being used today. Kyle Welding livestock water troughs are constructed of 12 gauge galvanized sheet metal, not tin. They have an angle iron reinforcement around the upper perimeter and cross braces across the middle, a 2” drain outlet, and ...

    By Kyle Welding & Machine Shop Ltd. based in Kyle, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Model 11571 - 82"x 10 - 12' Open Sled Utility Trailer

    82' X10' Utility, 3000# Axle With Buckboard, Vin #4tcsu1108bh811571, Log #00nuff8703-11571.

    By FFUN Trailers & Marine Regina based in Bobcat Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • AppliMax - Spray Nozzle-Body Tool

    One tool makes spray nozzle and body servicing a lot easier. Specifically designed to remove spray nozzle caps, pre-orifices and diaphragm check valve and solenoid retainer nuts. Easily loosens stuck or tight caps and retainer nuts. Pre-orifice inserter/remover and strainer retriever.

    By ATI Agritronics Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • NORAC - Model UC5 - Spray Height Control Systems

    ISOBUS 11783 certified, the UC5 system can be operated through any Universal Terminal. Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone system that is operated through NORAC’s PULSE™ color touchscreen display. The UC5 system is not only easy to operate, but offers advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities.

    By NORAC, Inc. Office in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • John Deere Walker - Model 9500/9600 - Straw Walker Kit

    John Deere only has four risers per walker while Kuchar has six. The risers sit in the center of the walker, this moves the material twice as fast in the center of the walker than it does on the outside edge. The result is better seperation and less grain loss over the walker. Material is tumbled twice and torn apart, which allows for easier and ...

    By Kuchar Combines - Combine High Performance Parts Inc. Office in SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from John Deere Walker Product line

  • Garratt - Model PF 144 - Air Screen

    Built for on farm use as a single unit, or an in line machine for a commercial plant. Large screen area. Smooth Operation. Extra large air settlings chambers. Remote or Intragal Blower. Weighted vibrating feeder. Simple Design.

    By Garratt Industries Ltd. based in Milestone, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Gatco - Model Vent-A-Lid - Ventilation Tool for Grain Bins

    No more opening and closing lids with the weather. The Vent-A-Lid is a specially designed ventilation tool for your grain bins. By installing the Vent-A-Lid on your existing lid, you are creating ventilation at the highest point of your bin, where heat naturally wants to flow. The Vent-A-Lid is designed with a deflector that nearly eliminates snow ...

    By Gatco Manufacturing Inc based in Swift Current, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Other Product line

  • Model 300-HLD-4710 - Seed Boot Attachments

    This holder has 1-3/4″ (45 mm) bolt hole spacing. The bolt hole section is curved to fit all 47° shanks except the Bourgault and Ezee-On.

    By Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. based in St. Brieux, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Seed Boot Attachments Product line

  • Model 610-TIP-4041 - Paired Row Multi-Shoot Openers

    ” Paired Row with 3/4” Horizontal and NO Vertical Seed/Fertilizer separation. Seed is directed rearward through an open bottom tip which quickly positions the seed into two seed rows 2-1/2” (63.5 mm) apart onto a firm, unfractured seedbed. Fertilizer is delivered on the same level as the seedbed in a 3/4” (19 mm) wide ...

    By Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. based in St. Brieux, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Multi-Shoot Openers Product line

  • Model The Legend - Rate & Blockage Monitor

    Introducing THE LEGEND Rate & Blockage Monitor for sectional control air drills! With built-in interfaces for ISOBUS and Wifi, THE LEGEND S.A. (Section Aware) alerts the operator to rate or blockage problems, but only on active sections.

    By Agtron Enterprises Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Schulte - Model FX-318 - Rotary Cutter

    Schulte's first 18’ Flex Wing mower. An ultra narrow transport width makes moving this unit extremely safe and simple. Run with the same HP tractor as most 15’ flex wings, but gain the extra 3’ cutting width. Excellent choice for mowing crop residue, pastures, weeds, orchards and roadsides. Single 7 gauge domed deck sheds water ...

    By Schulte Industries Ltd. - a member of the Alamo Group based in Englefeld, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Rotary Cutters Product line

  • Seed Hawk - Model XL Series - vvv

    Legendary Seed Hawk toughness will not let you down when the pulling gets tough Heavy Duty Frame Constructed with ¼” thick high tensile steel, Seed Hawk uses triangulation to provide load sharing across the width of the toolbar frame. A Seed Hawk toolbar is built strong enough to be 84 feet wide and tough enough to pull an 800 bushel ...

    By Seed Hawk Inc. - Väderstad based in Langbank, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Conestoga - Model 2 - Sliding Tarp System

    The Conestoga 2 is an innovative sliding tarp aystem originally designed for flatbed trailers and is now available for many different applications.  This product provides complete access to both the front and back of a trailer.

    By Michels Industries Ltd. based in St. Gregor, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Curtain Siders Product line

  • Quick Draw - Tarpaulin Systems

    Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems™ are a premium quality rolling tarp system for flatbed trucks, trailers and drop deck trailers.  The present track, wheels and framework were developed and optimized in 1996.  The time-tested design insures maximum replacement part compatibility and has customers praising a system that can last for over ...

    By Michels Industries Ltd. based in St. Gregor, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Curtain Siders Product line

  • Model 200 Series - Sweeps Tillage

    What’s in a sweep? Most sweeps on the market today are made with very comparable material. If the material used doesn’t set the sweep apart, then what makes the difference in the life and quality of a sweep?. Precise Heat Treatment. Long-Lasting Design. Consistent Quality. Innovative Speed-Loc™ Technology

    By Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. based in St. Brieux, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Tillage- Sweeps & Spikes Product line

  • Challenger - Model 600B Series - Complete Chopper System

    The MAV Complete Straw Chopper provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper and chaff spreader. It cuts extra fine, spreads wider, and allows the spreading straw and chaff.

    By Redekop Manufacturing Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Straw Chopper System Product line

  • Bale King - Model BR800 - Multi Bale Carrier

    COMPACT YET EFFICIENT – Carries 8 bales per trip,  in a narrow profile to comply with transport laws. TORFLEX AXLES® -Allow a narrow profile for working tight stack yards. Outstanding ride and flotation with minimal maintenance. CLASS LEADING STANDARD FEATURES all BR800s come with a tapered adjustable hitch for tight turning radius, ...

    By Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc. based in Gerald, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Brandt - Model 835 - Standard Transport

    Engineered for performance and durability, Standard Transport Augers are ideal for all straight transport auger applications to quickly and reliably move grain on your farm. This versatile auger reaches everywhere you need to pull grain from on your farm, with the durability and reliability you expect from Brandt. Sizes range from 8 to 13 inches ...

    By Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Augers - Standard Transport Product line

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