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  • LI-3000C Portable Area Meter

    The LI-3000C combines an easy to use readout console with the proven scanning technology of the LI-3000C sensor head to provide a powerful system for portable, non-destructive leaf area measurements. It utilizes an electronic method of rectangular approximation to provide 1 mm2 resolution. Leaf area, leaf length, average width, and maximum width ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • BACKHUS - Model 16.30 - Robust, Compact and Manoeuvrable Turner

    The BACKHUS 16.30 is a robust, compact and manoeuvrable turner that is easy to operate. It requires little maintenance and provides superior performance. The fully selfpropelled 16.30 is easy to transport and assures maximum fl exibility. It is ideally suited for use in the gardening, landscaping, fruitgrowing and market gardening sectors as well ...

    By BACKHUS Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • Manipulator System (ACFM)

    Use the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Automatic Cell Factory™ Manipulator System (ACFM), which features electronic and pneumatic controls, to automate the filling and emptying of a medium or cell suspension into 4 x 3 Nunc Cell Factory 10 systems or 4 x 1 Nunc Cell Factory 40. Specifically designed to lend innovation and efficiency ...

    By Thermo Fisher Scientific Distributor in AUSTRIA. from Bioprocess Production Product line

  • LI-COR - Model LI-6400XT - Portable Photosynthesis System

    The LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis and Fluorescence System is the most referenced photosynthesis system worldwide in peer-reviewed literature. It has multiple advantages that make it the top choice for researchers.

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • LI-COR - Model LI-8100A - Automated Soil CO2 Flux System

    The LI-8100A System’s modular design allows you to build a custom system that fits your particular research needs. All systems start with the LI-8100A, which is the weather tight enclosure that houses system components for gas analysis, chamber control, data storage, and data communications. Next, choose from a variety of soil chambers to ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • Badger Meter - Model FMS Compact - Oil Management System

    The FMS Compact system is an easy, compact fluid management system with integrated ticket printer, alphanumerical keypad and large grafic display. It manages up to four dispense points. An interface for barcode reader is available.

  • PHOTOPOD - Numerical Photometer

    The ODEON-PHOTOPOD is well adapted and designed for people who are not chemists thanks to the simple and easy to make analysis methods.Associated with the 'plug and play' digital sensors technology, the ODEON-PHOTOPOD is an intelligent solution, reliable, and is the perfect system to fulfill all your needs. This instrument can be used for many ...

    By Aqualabo Group Distributor in AUSTRIA. from Numerical Photometer Product line

  • Premium

    Wall Mounted Rack

    Wall Mounted Rack : allows to integrate the managing analytical and electronic part (LCD display under Windows). Instead of the 19' rack, this particular waterproof rack is used for some industrial applications for easy maintenance with a front door.

    By Chromatotec Group Distributor in AUSTRIA. from Enginneering Products Product line

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model Synapse-i 512/1024 - Low Light Imaging Cameras

    The Synapse-i scientific CCD camera is the most sensitive quantitative low light imaging camera on the market. The Synapse-i imaging camera provides real image quantification for direct correlation between the image intensity and the detected number of photons. The importance of the quantitative nature of the Synapse-i imaging camera cannot be ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in AUSTRIA. from Scientific Product line

  • Model VR100 - General Purpose Ultrasonic Receiver

    The VR100 is a general-purpose ultrasonic receiver designed for manual tracking of aquatic animals from small boats or for recording laboratory data.

    By Vemco Office in AUSTRIA. from Receivers- Acoustic Tracking Receivers Product line

  • Badger Meter - Model MDS 2000 - Oil Management System

    The oil management system type MDS2000 has been designed to control and manage fluids. Access is granted via an alphanumerical keypad. Eight dispense points can be connected to each single I/O unit (CAN bus network). An external ticket printer or report printer can also be connected. An interface for barcode reader is available. Connection to an ...

  • LI-191 Line Quantum Sensor

    The LI-191 Line Quantum Sensor spatially averages PPFD over its one-meter length. During photosynthesis, plants use energy in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum from 400-700 nm (1, 2). The radiation in this range, referred to as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), can be measured in energy units (watts m-2) or as Photosynthetic ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • LI-190 Quantum Sensor

    During photosynthesis, plants use energy in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum from 400-700 nm. The radiation in this range, referred to as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), can be measured in energy units (watts m-2) or as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD), which has units of quanta (photons) per unit time per unit ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • LI-COR - Model LAI-2200C - Plant Canopy Analyzer

    The LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer calculates Leaf Area Index (LAI) and other canopy structure attributes from radiation measurements made with a “fish-eye” optical sensor (148° field-of-view). Measurements made above and below the canopy are used to determine canopy light interception at 5 angles, from which LAI is computed using a model of ...

    By LI-COR Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • PURAD - Polypure Piping Systems

    PURADPURADPVDF-UHP, PP-Pure and Polypure piping systems for the distribution of Ultra-Pure-Water in semiconductor- and pharmaceutical industry.The Purad piping system is used to transport ultra pure media (UPW, HPW, PW, WFI), highly aggressive chemicals (H2SO4, HCI, HF, NaOH, HNO3, etc.), aggressive exhaust air and contaminated process air. In ...

    By AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • The Treatment of Manure

    Facts: The keeping of farm animals produces huge amounts of manure. Manure contains valuable nutrients for crop farming and can be used as agricultural fertilizer. The direct use of this manure as agricultural fertilizer is only possible between crop rotations. The storage of manure requires a lot of space and causes odour problems due to the high ...

    By BACKHUS - part of the Eggersman Group Distributor in AUSTRIA.

  • Model V9 to V16 - Continuous Transmitters

    Continuous transmitters are useful for experiments where the scientist needs to track individual animals from a boat using VEMCO’s tracking receivers (VR100). Continuous transmitters ping continuously from the first ping until power is lost unless deactivated by the user. These transmitters are identified by the operating frequency, and the ...

    By Vemco Office in AUSTRIA. from Transmitter- Acoustic Continuous Tags Product line

  • Model V7 - Acoustic Coded Tags

    The V7 coded transmitter, 7 mm in dia-meter, was developed to provide researchers with the means to track the behaviour patterns of small and juvenile fish. This tag is particularly suited for seamless monitoring of salmon smolt migrations. V7 coded transmitters operate at 69 kHz and can be detected by VRAR VR2, VR3, VR100, VR28 and VR60 (with ...

    By Vemco Office in AUSTRIA. from Transmitter- Acoustic Coded Tags Product line

  • Green Activator

    The Green activator is a system easy to install. You can simply attach it to your existing main water pipe from outside.The Green activator works without electricity and chemistry. It reduces the surface tension of water by permanent magnetism and rises the viscosity of water. Because of the changed water structure, deposits at pipes and nozzles ...

    By Aquatec - Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH based in Fohnsdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • Snowactivator

    The enterprise AGB, located in Hall/ Tyrol, has developped in cooperation with the Aqua Vital research a new device, the AGB Snow-Activator.

    By Aquatec - Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH based in Fohnsdorf, AUSTRIA.

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