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  • Crop Copter - Version EZ Health - NDVI Capable System Brochure

    Looking for a complete NDVI capable system, capturing absolute, red NDVI images that are spatially accurate?  EZ Health by Crop Copter offers 5.4 cm resolution images, geo-referenced and complete stitched with proprietary software.  This complete system includes software, updates and its own external GPS. Never again will you have to export or upload your information to a 3rd party to ...

    By Crop Copter

  • Crop Budgeting Software Brochure

    The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office allow you to easily create, modify and use budgets for each individual cost center you have set up. The budgets can be useful in monitoring actual expenses and for presentation to lenders. The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office ...

    By Datatech

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    GC-MS Method for Mycotoxin Analysis Using 13C-marked Mycotoxin Derviatives

    Return to Web Version A New GC-MS Method for Mycotoxin Analysis Using 13C-marked Mycotoxin DerivativesBy: Matthias Nold, AnalytiX Volume 9 Article 1Product Manager Analytical Standards Mycotoxins are toxicmetabolites of fungi such asmoulds. Fungal infection of crops can lead to mycotoxin contamination of human food, either directly or through its use as livestock feed. ...

    By Merck

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Modern growing practices include scientific evaluations of soil, water, fertilizers, diseases, etc. While some tests are best performed by a laboratory, others can be easily conducted on location, saving time and money. Three tests in particular, EC, pH, and ALKALINITY, can reveal valuable information about water quality, soil salinity, and fertilizer concentration. Myron L Company’s ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Presentation: Mycotoxin Analysis Using SPE

    © 2013 Sigma-Aldrich Co. All rights Analysis Using SPEMichael Ye, Ken Espenschied, Emily Barrey,Matilal Sarker, Olga Shimelis, and Jennifer ClausSupelco, Div. of Sigma-AldrichBellefonte, PA 16823 USAApril 8, 2013T413127© 2013 Sigma-Aldrich Co. All rights reserved.2Agenda• What are mycotoxins?• Supel™ Tox SPE• Aflatoxin• DON and B-Tricothecenes• ...

    By Merck

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    Mycotoxin Standards Brochure

    Mycotoxin StandardsSingle- and Multi-Component Standard Solutions13C - Isotopically LabeledStandardsMatrix Certified Reference MaterialsDried Down StandardsvSome fungal genera like Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, etc. produce mycotoxins. These toxic second-ary metabolites are harmful to animal and human health if they enter the food chain via contaminated crops and fruits or through processed ...

    By Merck

  • Brassimax - Foliar Feeds - Brochure

    A soluble powder foliar fertiliser developed for Brassica species including Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, Kale, Oilseed rape, Spinach, Tendergreen, Turnip ...

    By Solufeed Ltd.

  • Field Services Brochure

    Geo - Reference Soil Collection / Testing. Plant / Tissue Collection / Testing. Colored Computer Nutrient Maps. Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) Testing. Corn Nematode Testing. Soil Sample Pick - up at Your Location. Full Season Crop Scouting. Online Soil Test Order Placement. Digital Plat maps & Test Results. Lab Tests for Primary, Secondary & Micronutrients for crop production. Consulting ...

    By United Soils, Inc.

  • OZ1000 – OZ2000 – OZ4000 - Analog Line Generators Capable Brochure

    Analog line generators capable of treating cells of any size. Biofresh ozone generators are combined with oxygen concentrators. The units are constantly monitored by sensors installed inside the cold room, which maintaining the concentration of ozone as well as ensuring the health and safety standards for operators working in the cold ...

    By Freshpallet Ltd, (Biofresh)

  • Actagro - Liquid Humus - Brochure

    Actagro Liquid Humus (with 22% Actagro Organic Acids) is the leading soil amendment for progressive farmers interested in higher CEC, water retention, fertilizer enhancement and overall soil health resulting in increased yield, quality and return on investment. Actagro Liquid Humus is the only soil amendment on the market able to provide both a humin component and a carbohydrate package in ...

    By Actagro LLC

  • Liquid Fertilizer for Fertilizing Pastures Datasheet

    Powerbasic contains all the important minerals for the fertilization of pastures: nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur. Powerbasic provides an excellent basis for the optimum growth and quality of your ...

    By Van Iperen B.V.

  • CalMax Gold - Suspension Fertilizer Brochure

    A suspension of calcium together with nitrogen, magnesium, trace elements and amino acids. Omex CalMax Gold contains high levels of calcium, coupled with magnesium and a full complement of trace elements which are formulated for easy uptake. Calcium is found in cell walls where it contributes to cell integrity and the overall strength of the plant. However, in addition, Omex CalMax Gold contains ...

    By Omex Agriculture Ltd

  • Parrot Sequoia - Powerful Multispectral Sensor Brochure

    The Parrot Sequoia is a powerful multispectral sensor in a pocket-sized package. Featuring an integrated GPS/light sensor, four narrowband imagers, and an RGB camera for digital scouting, Sequoia is optimized for crop health analysis for almost any size ...

    By MicaSense

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    Microchip Real-Time PCR analyzer AriaDNA for Identifiaction Of Grapevine Diseases Using Commercial PCR Kits - Applications Note

    Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) is one of the most widely produced fruit crop in many countries around the world. Many of the grapevine pathogens cause significant losses in both yield and quality of the crop. Thus detection and identification of bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi and viruses is very important task for the grape producers to meet the requirements of viticulture plant health control ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

  • CalMax - Suspension Fertilizer Brochure

    A suspension fertilizer containing 22.5% calcium and a balanced range of micro elements. Omex CalMax is specifically formulated for use as a foliar fertilizer and can be applied to all fruit and vegetable crops to improve fruit firmness, storability, colour and skin ...

    By Omex Agriculture Ltd

  • PureGrade - Model T - Liquid Fertilizer - Brochure

    Manufactured only by:Nutra-Flo® CompanyPh: 800-831-4815 • www.PureGrade.comCopyright© 2012 Nutra-Flo® Company. All rights reserved. Revision 0914PureGrade® is a registered trademark of Nutra-Flo® Company. ®Torque is a registered trademark of Monsanto BioAg.FOLLOW US ON:Novozymes and Monsanto have created the BioAg Alliance to boost research and commercialization of sustainable microbial ...

    By The Andersons, Inc

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    An Innovative Approach to Preparing a Sub-National Climate Change Action Plan: Case of Orissa State, India Part I

    An Innovative Approach to Preparing a Sub-National Climate Change Action Plan: Case of Orissa State (India)Upendra Nath Behera(Principle Secretary, Home Dept. and Former Principle Secretary, Forest and Environment Department, Orissa Government) Orissa: BackgroundRich in mineral resources Coal – 26%Iron ore – 24%Bauxite – 70%Nickel – 95%Chromium – 98%Forest Land – 38%Green Cover – 34%Long ...

  • Fungbact Nitro Brochure

    Product benefits: - Fix at lease up to 20 to 40 kg atmospheric nitrogen in soil. - it help to increases the crop yield - help to increases natural soil biomass so by these help to improve soil health - Improve plant health. Direction for use: Seed Treatment: Mix 10 to 20 ml of Fungbact Nitro with 250 ml cooled rice gruel or 5 % jaggery solution. Mix the seed required for an acre with this ...

    By PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd.

  • Model KQ2530X - Soil Applied Nitrogen Fertilizers Brochure

    Kugler KQ2530X gives you the ability to integrate soil-applied nitrogen with a supplemental post emergence, foliar application. With foliar applied KQ2530X, your plants get the extra shot of nitrogen they need - plus a sustained supply over a period of several weeks tanks to the 30% slow release formulation. This versatile, highly efficient foliar nitrogen is from Kugler Company, so you can be ...

    By Kugler Company

  • IgniteS - Liquid Fertilizers Brochure

    IgniteS can be applied through standard ground or aerial application equipment, and through standard irrigation or fertigation systems. IgniteS2 may be mixed with most herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid ...

    By Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.

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