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chain feeding equipment

  • Model 302502 - Chain Feeding Cleaner

    It is placed in the middle of the flat chain feeder system used on the ground and it removes foreign substances.

    By Aytav Tavukçuluk Ekipmanlari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. based in Esenler, TURKEY. from Chain Feeding Cleaner Product line

  • FDI Cage Systems - Chain Feeding System

    Chain (Manufactured at FDI). 2-3/4' International Standard—Pitch 1.640. May be separated and joined at any link—no special connectors.

    By FDI Cage Systems based in Mitchell, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • VAL-CO - Flat Chain Feeding System

    VAL-CO offers you a choice of suspended or floor model components — and a choice of equipment for weighing feed inside or outside the house. VAL-CO flat chain drive hoppers are powder painted all-welded steel construction with high quality gear reducers. Adjustable feed gate and remix wheel keeps the right amount of fresh feed in the trough ...

    By Valmena Ltd. based in Limassol, CYPRUS. from Flat Chain Feeding System Product line

  • Poultry Chain Feeding System

    Direct Drive Unit: Driving speed can be : 18 or 36 m /min. It can be installed at any location of the line. Suitable for use in stand supported or suspended system. Robust Direct Drive Sprocket: A strong and heavy duty sprocket ensures that the feed chains are in proper engage with it during operation in high speed. 90 Degree Corner: Made for ...

    By Pristine Dynamics Sdn. Bhd. based in Pusing, Perak, MALAYSIA. from Poultry Chain Feeding System Product line

  • Breeder Chain Feeding System

    Professional poultry raising equipment manufacturer. It could be adapted to any house situation. High chain speed: 36 s / min. Motor output: 1.5 kw or 2.2 kw depending of the chain length. The height of feed channel can be adjusted according to different raising period.

    By Georgia Poultry Supply LLC based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Breeder Chain Feeding System Product line

  • Flat Chain Feed Systems

    We specialise in providing flat chain feed systems. For rearing, layers, breeders and broilers. All our components are made from the highest quality materials, with most parts being either galvanised or plated to provide extra protection from corrosion. We stock a complete range of chain feeder parts and accessories, including powered drive units, ...

    By Potters Poultry based in Swift Valley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Sperotto - Flat Chain Poultry Feeding System

    The SPEROTTO 'FLAT CHAIN' system is suitable for pullets, for female breeders and laying hens. The feed hopper is available in different sizes and it is equipped with a feed return wheel preventing spillage of feed. The independent direct drive lets the system to be adapted to any location inside the poultry house. Chain speed can be 18 or 36 ...

    By Sperotto S.p.a. based in Sandrigo, ITALY. from Flat Chain Poultry Feeding System Product line

  • Premium

    Sigma-Aldrich - Analytical Standards for Mycotoxin Analysis

    Mycotoxins are products by fungal genera like Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, etc. These toxic secondary metabolites are harmful to animal and human health if they enter the food chain via contaminated crops and fruits or through processed food and feed products. Therefore, in at least 100 countries limits are set for mycotoxin levels for food ...

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    Eagle - Tallow Pot with Top Bail Handle and Top Cap Chain

    Eagle Tallow Pot with top bail handle and top cap chain has a heavy-duty construction to stand up the toughest workplaces. Dependable performance for foundries, machine shops, factories and steel mills. Specifications: Sturdy steel construction with seamless drawn bodies and double-seamed bottoms. Large-capacity Tallow Pot holds 4 pints and ...

    By Interstate Products Inc based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA). from Tallow Pot with Top Bail Handle and Top Cap Chain Product line

  • Chain Feeder

    With the Cormall feeding table you can have up to 70 meters of manger equal to 430 cows at 2 eating places per cow with 65 cm per eating place. The feeding table consist of a strong chain with transport bars that bring the diet feed into the cows.  The table can be delivered as a complete unit, mounted in wood frame, or in parts for casting ...

    By Cormall A/S based in Sønderborg, DENMARK. from Chain Feeder Product line

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain conveyors are ideal log transporting tools and fit in perfectly to firewood processing, feeding the wood cutting, splitting and loading operations.

    By Collino Costruzioni Srl based in SAVIGLIANO, ITALY. from Chain Conveyors Product line

  • Model TCG - Chain Conveyor

    A chain conveyor is a type of conveyor system that moves bulk materials (cereals, coarse meal, granulated products in general) horizontally, for long distances. This type of machine is widely used in the animal feed and milling industries.

    By Giordano S.A.S based in Fraz. S. Chiaffredo, ITALY. from Chain Conveyor Product line

  • Agralex - Chain Conveyors

    Chain conveyors are the ideal solution for horizontal transport as well as a sloped transport, cereal grains, seeds, grinding grain, granules and other loose products in a closed space. AgrAlex produces the highest quality rugged chain conveyors that are able to meet the most difficult working conditions such as transshipment port, grain ...

    By Agralex based in Potczyn-Zdroj, POLAND.

  • Libitum - Model AD - Feeding Systems

    For the “Ad libitum” systems Falcon offers its chain and spiral transport systems and a wide range of drop tubes:

    By Falcon Srl based in Brivio (LC), ITALY. from Feeding Systems Product line

  • SiloPro - Chain Conveyors

    SILOPRO chain conveyors are built for longevity and their flexibility allows application in most operations. This benefit of chain conveyors means that you can customize your grain storage system however. No matter what the site and needs are, there are plenty of options possible to suit your situation. SILOPRO allways design the conveying system ...

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Chain Conveyors Product line

  • Ebersol - Feed Conveyor

    14 ga. galvanized steel body. 12 ga. galvanized floor. 5-1/4' trough depth. 11' body depth. Gear reducer drive. #62 chain is standard. 2-1/2' high rubber flights. Hopper available.

    By Bauman Manufacturing Inc. based in Elmira, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Feed Conveyor Product line

  • Cusinato - Chain Conveyors

    For the handling and conveying of fragile and delicate products Cusinato manufactures special CTC chain conveyors for medium and high production rates. This range of machines, with improved performance thanks to specific experience in the handling of cubed animal feed and, more specifically in pet food, is a valid and affordable solution for the ...

    By Cusinato Giovanni Srl based in S.Martino di Lupari (PD), ITALY.

  • Guttridge - Chain Conveyors

    The Guttridge Chain Conveyor range is primarily aimed at the heavy duty grain storage, animal feed milling and general industrial markets. Examples from this popular range operate in many storage and processing plants across the world, handling many different types of bulk materials. Guttridge Chain Conveyors have been continuously developed over ...

    By Guttridge Limited based in Spalding, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chain Conveyors Product line

  • Model CS2500 - Chain Saw

    Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cool, Ignition system: C.D.I, Fuel: Mixture ( Gasoline 25: Two cycle oil 1 ), Fuel tank capacity: 230 (ml), Chain oil: Motor oil SAE#10W-30, Oil tank capacity: 160 (ml ), Engine displacement: 25.4 ( cc), Maxi engine power: 0.9kw / 7500rpm, Max speed with cutting attachment: 10000rpm, Maxi engine speed at ...

    By Yongkang Vast Industry & Trade Co. Limited based in Yongkang, CHINA.

  • RONCUZZI - Model TCG - Chain Conveyors

    Result of RONCUZZI vast experience in bulk handling, TCG chain conveyors have been designed for conveying cereals, flour or similar materials.

    By RONCUZZI S.r.l. based in Mezzano (RAVENNA), ITALY. from Chain Conveyors Product line

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