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  • NPK Compound Fertilizer Development and Fertilizer Plant Production

    NPK Compound Fertilizer Development and Fertilizer Plant Production

    Chemical fertilizer provides nutrients for continuous agricultural production, but single chemical fertilizer hasn't high utilization rate, limited promotion ability to crops, and a large amount of application is not conducive to crop growth. NPK compound fertilizer production has become the main trend of fertilizer. The granulation process of

  • Greenhouse


    GREENHOUSESIn the agriculture industry, commercial greenhouse dehumidifier is a very important part, which is globally utilized for the production of high value vegetables and fruits.WHY ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Shading Screens

    Shading Screens

    Shading screens are usually used in a horizontal screen installation for pot such as, orchids and chrysanthemums, but also for vegetables being grown in tropical climates and cut flowers. These screens are one of the most important tools in the modern growers’ arsenal. Using the shade screen the grower is able to manipulate both light and/or humidity in order to maintain the ideal ...