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  • Automatic Diesel Grain Dryer
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    Automatic Diesel Grain Dryer

    By OPICO Limited

    This 1200QF Auto Electric dryer is able to load, dry, cool and unload completely automatically allowing unattended drying hour after hour. The OPICO range of Magna dryers are specifically designed with UK farmers` crops ...

  • Farm Power Plant
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    Farm Power Plant

    By bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG

    BWE farm power plant allows the operator to achieve the optimal resource use of small-agricultural activities. We use different digester configurations, according to the requirements of the client: - digester and ...

  • Coupled Systems
    Showcase Product

    Coupled Systems

    By Smart Farmers

    A research facility for LED? An educational aquaponics system. Or a vertical farm in a warehouse or a container filled with microgreens? You are active in agriculture, horticulture or run a company with excess energy, ...

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  • Abatti Companies

    Abatti Companies

    Our company’s founder and President Alex Abatti Jr. is a third generation farmer in Imperial Valley, California. His ancestors arrived from Italy in ...

  • Aquanetix Ltd

    Aquanetix Ltd

    Aquanetix is a highly qualified startup team with many years of experience in aquaculture operations, fish nutrition and management. We are putting ...

  • Lambton Conveyor Ltd.

    Lambton Conveyor Ltd.

    Lambton is Canada’s leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning systems. Our 200,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Wallaceburg, ...

  • Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees is the sole manufacturer of the most exciting and emerging honeybee supplement technology that significantly improves honey bee ...

  • FamilyFarms Group

    FamilyFarms Group

    FamilyFarms Group was established in 2006 as an interdependent network of North American row crop producers, professional agricultural consultants, ...