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  • Advanced Farming Intelligence Systems
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    Advanced Farming Intelligence Systems


    Precision Farming is already well established on many farms andin many contracting firms. Professionals know that through the management of subareas and the synchronisation of all the operations, efficiency can be ...

  • Separator
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    By Spreadwise Limited

    Economical use of existing resources with up to date technologies. Farms with high animal concentrations are faced with great problems due to the large amounts of slurry. This applies particularly to farms with a high ...

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  • Flowers Canada Growers

    Flowers Canada Growers

    Flowers Canada Growers is the national trade association of the Canadian floral industry. Our members across Canada include greenhouse growers, ...

  • Renn Mill Center Inc.

    Renn Mill Center Inc.

    RENN has become recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality grain processing and grain bag storage systems. Farmers ...

  • Adritec Group International

    Adritec Group International

    Established in 2007, Adritec Egypt is an Irrigation Trading and Contracting Company offering a complete range of design, supply, and installation ...

  • Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE)

    Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE)

    Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) grants and education program has advanced agricultural innovation that promotes profitability, ...

  • Farming First

    Farming First

    Farming First is a coalition of multi-stakeholder organisations, not an organisation. The coalition exists to articulate, endorse and promote ...