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  • FishGLOBE chooses Steinsvik

    FishGLOBE chooses Steinsvik

    In August this year, FishGLOBE will be delivering the first of their closed farming systems to a customer in Norway. The V5 globe, certified to produce 250 tons of post smolt, will be equipped with feeding system, data acquisition- and remote ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Aerator Controller

    Aquaculture Aerator Controller

    The Aerator Controller is a radio-linked, AC relay controller that lets you turn aerators on and off remotely, also reporting amperage draw so you can track and reduce energy use. The In-Situ Aquaculture Pond Buoy continuously monitors oxygen and transmits data wirelessly to your PC. If oxygen levels fall below a defined level, a radio modem turns on pond aerators. When pond oxygen levels ...