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  • What Equipment Is Needed For Fish Farming?

    What Equipment Is Needed For Fish Farming?

    Fish farming is a professional field of aquaculture, which requires specialized farming equipment. Without the right equipment, it will be difficult for fish farmers to complete basic tasks. Such as counting fish, harvesting, and proper oxygenation of the water. With the help of different functional equipment for fish farming, fish farming has become simpler and easier to succeed. By ...

  • Harvesting your fish / Aquaculture

    Harvesting your fish / Aquaculture

    With good management, your fish should be ready to harvest within six to nine months after stocking. By this time, tilapia should have reached a size of approximately 250-300g and catfish a size of ...


  • We Have Vertical Feed Mixer Feed Mixing Machine On Sale

    We Have Vertical Feed Mixer Feed Mixing Machine On Sale

    Vertical feed mixer, which is a small-scale feed processing equipment designed for rural farmers, small-scale farms, small and medium-sized cooperative feed plants, and also has good effects in mixing powder and chemical raw ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fish Handling Screen

    Fish Handling Screen

    S.I.M.P.L.E. fish screens are supplied as dual flow, dual flow conversion and thru-flow models. The unique design provides for the natural tendency of juvenile fish to seek shelter in the integrated buckets when caught in the flow of an intake. The screen rotates the fish to deck level where a series of gentle sprays channels the fish into a trough, then back to their source water. The Brackett ...