Fish Sorting

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Grader
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Grader

    By STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf.

    Gently grades live salmon, salmon smolts and trout without damaging one single scale. The five size catagories, ranging from 2 grams to 3,500 grams, can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. Grading live salmon, salmon ...

  • Fish Sorting Machine (Without Pump)
    Showcase Product

    Fish Sorting Machine (Without Pump)

    By AGK Kronawitter GmbH

    For medium- and large-scale operations. This machine allows to very quickly and simply do a three calibre sorting of your fish. PVC-pipes (Ø 120 mm) transporting the fish to the corresponding pond can be ...

  • Fish Sex Sorter
    Showcase Product

    Fish Sex Sorter

    By Inventive Marine Products Limited

    The HD 1SU Sex Sorter sorts up to 300 fish per minute. This product comes with a full new machine warranty and is priced at $35,000 CAN.