Accelerated Composting

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  • Compost Accelerator
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    Compost Accelerator

    By Foodservice Sustainability Solutions, Inc.

    More than 36 million tons of food waste is generated, with only five percent diverted from landfills and incinerators for communal composting. Compost Accelerator CA-Series provies up to 90% on-site reduction of food ...

  • Advanced Composting Plant
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    Advanced Composting Plant

    By Ambientalia S.r.l.

    The advanced composting plant, able to treat up to 80 tons per year of organic waste, as the Italian bill, n. 2093 prescribes. AmbiComunity is a technology created, developed and patented by Ambientalia S.r.l., for the ...

  • Animal Liquifiers and Deoderizers
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    Animal Liquifiers and Deoderizers

    By Epicore BioNetworks Inc.

    Animal manure bacterial inoculants that provide balanced microbial and enzyme ecosystems designed to liquefy and deodorize animal waste.

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  • JERS Corporation

    JERS Corporation

    ERS (Environmental Recycling System) is a High-Speed Composting (Fermentation & Drying) System which can convert a batch of organic matter or waste ...

  • World Waste Systems, LLC (WWS)

    World Waste Systems, LLC (WWS)

    World Waste Systems (formerly called MicroLife USA, Inc.) was created in response to the global need to process waste materials quickly and ...

  • Nordevco Associates Ltd.

    Nordevco Associates Ltd.

    Northern Development Corporation (Nordevco) Associates Ltd is a 30 year old diversified company built on a strong foundation of innovative solutions ...

  • Ecovim


    Ecovim provides technology which dehydrates this food waste in hours. We have the best solution for your organic waste. We help businesses and ...

  • Walker Environmental (formerly N-Viro Systems Canada LP)

    Walker Environmental (formerly N-Viro Systems Canada LP)

    N-Viro Systems Canada LP (NVS) offers its own patented process and know-how for the sustainable and safe treatment and recycling of municipal ...