Hops Farming

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  • Microbrewery and Craft Beer brewers could face hop shortage

    We’ve mentioned how we’re supplying more and more cone bottom tanks to microbreweries and craft brewing companies. This week, the Financial Times reports that the industry could face a challenge in the form of a shortage of hops this year. That’s because the key growing areas in the USA and Europe are experiencing blistering heat, something that is threatening this year’s ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester

    Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester

    20 Pocket a day output. For 8` (2.4m) wire work standard. Unique plucker design. Whole hops produced. Minimal strig produced. Operator controlled - for excellent vision. Finger tip controls - for ease of use. Folding cross conveyor - with high cab clearance. 10` (3m) version available