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  • Microbrewery and Craft Beer brewers could face hop shortage

    We’ve mentioned how we’re supplying more and more cone bottom tanks to microbreweries and craft brewing companies. This week, the Financial Times reports that the industry could face a challenge in the form of a shortage of hops this year. That’s because the key growing areas in the USA and Europe are experiencing blistering heat, something that is threatening this year’s ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Trailed Sprayer

    Trailed Sprayer

    Thanks to our long-time experience with the 1000 litre series we managed to develop a detailed thought-out sprayer which has minor dimensions despite its generous capacity. This sprayer is the most versatile of its kind and can be used in combination with its optimal tank size and diverse types of blowers in viticulture, fruit cultivation, hop cultivation and also in plant cultures of any kind. ...