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  • Foam Blocker
    Showcase Product

    Foam Blocker

    By Sudau Agro GmbH

    SCHAUMEXX foam blocker is used for the preparation of crop protection spray liquids. The required quantity depends on the intensity of foam formation in the respective spray liquid. A quantity of 1 – 3 ml / 100 l ...

  • Trailed Sprayer
    Showcase Product

    Trailed Sprayer

    By Mitterer KG

    Thanks to our long-time experience with the 1000 litre series we managed to develop a detailed thought-out sprayer which has minor dimensions despite its generous capacity. This sprayer is the most versatile of its kind ...

  • Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester

    By Pattenden Machinery Ltd

    20 Pocket a day output. For 8` (2.4m) wire work standard. Unique plucker design. Whole hops produced. Minimal strig produced. Operator controlled - for excellent vision. Finger tip controls - for ease of use. Folding ...

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  • NP Seymour LTD

    NP Seymour LTD

    We design, manufacture and supply specialist equipment for the fruit, vineyard and hop industry; from machines to prepare the land for planting, ...

  • Northstar Attachments, LLC

    Northstar Attachments, LLC

    Northstar Attachments is recognized as an innovative manufacturer of specialized tractor attachments and equipment designed primarily for tractors ...

  • Pharmalogyx


    Pharmalogyx is a strategic management company focused on the production and maximization of cannabaceae-based valued constituents. Cannabinoid ...