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  • NPK fertilizer granulation for slow-release granular fertilizer

    NPK fertilizer granulation for slow-release granular fertilizer

    Slow-release fertilizers mainly apply modern plant nutrition and fertilization theory, and take into account the law of crop nutrition demand, adopt some control mechanism technology to delay the release mode of fertilizer in soil, so that nutrient release mode and crop nutrient absorption are coordinated or synchronized.

  • Pulp Molding Machine

    Pulp Molding Machine

    Configuration:semi-automatic and fully automatic configurationRaw material:scrap paper, waste cardboard, newspaper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp board, rice stalk pulp, reed pulp ...


  • Machine of the “Agrotechnika 2018”

    Machine of the “Agrotechnika 2018”

    During the agricultural exhibition in Bratoszewice (Poland) we received the prize – Machine of the Agrotechnika 2018 for our pneumatic seed seeders- MAX PNEUMATIC with cucumber section.  We are really proud of this.

Equipment & Solutions

  • Seed Seeders for Cucumber

    Seed Seeders for Cucumber

    MAX PNEUMATIC with section for cucumber was designed special for seeding cucumber. All parameters of the machine’s work have been adjusted in such a way as to obtain optimal seed ascents and the highest quality yield. The cucumber sowing section is fully adapted to the standard MAX PNEUMATIC seed seeders. It is possible to use the same machine for a different type of cultivation, after ...