Equipment & Solutions

  • Cover Plates
    Showcase Product

    Cover Plates

    By Harvest Services a Division of Ralph McKay Industries

    To improve threshing HARVEST has a Cover Plate for rotary concaves. These Cover Plates perform the same function as the Filler Plates on conventional concaves.

  • Kartar Straw Reaper
    Showcase Product

    Kartar Straw Reaper

    By Kartar Agro Industries Private Limited

    Kartar Straw Reaper offered provides functioning as a threshing machine where it runs the function of cutting, threshing as well as cleaning the straw in one operation. Here, the wheat stalks which are left after ...

  • Combine Header Trailers
    Showcase Product

    Combine Header Trailers

    By RBM Agricultural Ltd

    Beneath the sleek styling of the new S550, every component and every system is engineered for maximum uptime and productivity. With the superb Premium Cab, powerful i-Solutions the new S550 will enable you to harvest ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Alparslan Agriculture Inc.

    Alparslan Agriculture Inc.

    Founded in 1969 and located between the well-established industrial companies Konya Alparslan Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Konya 1 ...

  • Abbriata s.r.l.

    Abbriata s.r.l.

    ABBRIATA was founded in 1896 when the young and ambitious Giovanni Abbriata began manufacturing threshing machines in the town of Sezzè (today known ...

  • Hurkes Implement Co.

    Hurkes Implement Co.

    The Hurkes name has been in the Implement business now for a little over 85 years. It has seen changes in its 85 years here in the eastern South ...