Eucalyptus Forestry

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  • Biomass Production of Arundo Donax: A Country Specific Overview

    With around 50-80 dry tonnes of biomass yield per hectare every year, Arundo donax (giant reed) is way ahead of its competitors. Of course, this yield depends on climate and applied agricultural technology. In this article below, the studies carried out concerning the biomass yield and economics of Arundo donax are presented.Biomass production in the Mediterranean: Italy, Spain and SicilyBio


Equipment & Solutions

  • Cleaner & Seed Sizer (2 & 4 Screens)

    Cleaner & Seed Sizer (2 & 4 Screens)

    The BCC Cleaner and Seed Sizer (2- or 4 screen) consists of either two or four screens, fitted with a belt feeder (with aspiration function), which allows for pre-cleaning (scalping) of smaller cones, extraction of light impurities, removal of debris both larger and smaller than the seed lot and dividing the seed lot into different sized fractions. This larger model Cleaner and Seed Sizer is ...