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  • Biomass Production of Arundo Donax: A Country Specific Overview

    With around 50-80 dry tonnes of biomass yield per hectare every year, Arundo donax (giant reed) is way ahead of its competitors. Of course, this yield depends on climate and applied agricultural technology. In this article below, the studies carried out concerning the biomass yield and economics of Arundo donax are presented.Biomass production in the Mediterranean: Italy, Spain and SicilyBio


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  • Euca Mulch

    Euca Mulch

    With it`s natural colour and pleasant smell, Mossrock™ Euca Mulch is the ideal choice for garden beds. Made from virgin eucalyptus wood in a chipped form, Mossrock™ Euca Mulch is an organic light brown mulch well suited to native gardens and general landscaping. The natural oil in Mossrock™ Euca Mulch provides a pleasant odour, with the added benefit of retarding insects.