Eucalyptus Forestry

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  • Medium Size Planting Head
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    Medium Size Planting Head

    By Risutec Ltd

    Risutec MTSA-120 is an efficient planting head for eucalyptus, pine and other seedlings with a pot. It is the most suitable for 7-13 ton excavators, and it can be used on slopes up till 30 degrees. Medium-size planting ...

  • Proprietary Complex Mixture
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    Proprietary Complex Mixture

    By Innovad

    Aflorin P L is a proprietary complex mixture of Essential oils like menthol (antibacterial, reducing mucus inflammation), eucalyptus (aid to bronchi inhalation, antiviral)and plant sterols saponin.

  • Pre-sprouted Seedlings
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    Pre-sprouted Seedlings

    By Agromax (U) Ltd.

    AgroMax established a state-of-the-art greenhouse nursery to combat the risks that arise for farmers from poor-quality seed. Whereas traditional store-bought seeds have germination rates as low as 50%, AgroMax seedlings ...

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  • Panocal International Ltd.

    Panocal International Ltd.

    Panocal Roses is a rose farm situated on the slopes of one of Africas highest mountains, Mt. Elgon. The farm itself lies just outside the town of ...

  • Ponsse Plc

    Ponsse Plc

    Ponsse was established in 1970 to meet forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén’s own demands: the machines built by others could not withstand the ...

  • Greenheart Farms, Inc.

    Greenheart Farms, Inc.

    Since 1979, we’ve been dedicated to making our customers successful. Whether it’s developing new products or production techniques, we consistently ...

  • AFM-Forest Ltd

    AFM-Forest Ltd

    AFM-Forest Ltd is a Finnish company manufacturing high-quality single-grip harvester, processor, combi and energy wood heads for demanding forest ...

  • 101 Trailer Sales

    101 Trailer Sales

    We have been selling trailers on the Central Coast of California, since 1982.  Our goal is to provide you the trailer you need when you need it.  If ...