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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Briggs and Eggers Orchards Case Study

    The 400-acre Briggs and Eggers Orchards in the fertile Bonita Springs Valley of southern Arizona have been growing apples, peaches and pears since 1968. Owners Lance and Melissa Eggers and Joe and ...


  • Adapt8 Launches Tree Guardians Produced In-House

    Adapt8, original developers of black and white tree trunk protectors, has moved production of Tree Guardians in-house. Manufacturing the product internally allows the company to offer both standard and custom sizes, provides significant freight ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Self-contained Frost Protection Wind Machines

    Wind Machines are often used to protect very large areas. Find out why we do better than the competition. The wind machine is the most comfortable protection. For smaller areas or lower crops, the mobile windmachine is a good alternative. We also developed burners that can be used in combination with the wind machine.