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  • Greenhouse Heaters
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    Greenhouse Heaters

    By L.B. White Company

    Therma Grow greenhouse heaters utilize exclusive, L.B. White Plant-Safe Technology, the only greenhouse heater certified to the stringent greenhouse emissions standards.

  • Jumbo Size Manifold Technology
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    Jumbo Size Manifold Technology

    By BioTherm, Inc.

    MegaTube is the Original BioTherm® Microclimate’s “Big Brother.”  Using the same extrusion and manifolding technology, we created a jumbo size to provide a product that will work for a wide ...

  • Greenhouse Energy Saving Systems
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    Greenhouse Energy Saving Systems

    By Alweco Scherminstallaties B.V.

    Saving on energy costs remains an important aspect of new system development. For example, a narrow screen system has been developed for use with special purpose, 18 mm profiles and Ultra Delay slip blocks. Maximum ...

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  • HotBox International Ltd

    HotBox International Ltd

    Hotbox International Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of quality Greenhouse heating and propagation equipment for commercial and amateur growers. ...

  • Agrithermic


    The Hortinergy software suite is developed by Agrithermic. Agrithermic is an independent engineering firm specialising in greenhouse energy ...

  • Climate Control Systems Inc

    Climate Control Systems Inc

    Climate Control Systems Inc, has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985. We carry 3 flagship products all designed to help ...

  • Delta T Solutions

    Delta T Solutions

    Delta T Solutions! We design, manufacture and integrate high-efficiency heating systems for horticulture, agriculture and car wash applications. We ...