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  • Greenhouse Humidification Protects Plants
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    Greenhouse Humidification Protects Plants

    By Misting Pros Cooling Corporation

    Greenhouse humidification is important because photosynthesis is slowed or stopped when humidity levels are low.  This is a stressful environment for plants, as their leaves are unable to exchange moisture, ...

  • Pad and Fan System
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    Pad and Fan System

    By Bom Group

    The Pad and Fan System, or mattress cooling, is a cooling system often used in southern regions to cool greenhouses.

  • Greenhouse Screen Systems
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    Greenhouse Screen Systems

    By Dynatrade SA

    A greenhouse screen system means quite simply to install a screening material inside the greenhouse above the crop, outside the greenhouse over the roof or on the sides of the greenhouse (inside or outside).   You’ll do ...

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  • Blooming Nursery

    Blooming Nursery

    Blooming Nursery is a wholesale nursery dedicated to supplying the trade with a wide variety of reliable plant material, including herbaceous ...

  • Pyrolitech


    Pyrolitech produce high quality Biochar.Biochar can improve water quality, reduce soil emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce nutrient leaching, ...

  • Agrimec S.n.c. di Spelgatti & C.

    Agrimec S.n.c. di Spelgatti & C.

    AGRIMEC was founded in 1979. At once it made interesting experiences in the design and installation of greenhouses destined to flower and ...

  • All-American Associates, Inc.

    All-American Associates, Inc.

    Greenhouse Supplies and Greenhouses - Quality Greenhouse Supplies, Greenhouse Supply, Commercial Greenhouses, Green Houses, Cold Frame, Greenhouse ...

  • VEK Adviesgroep BV

    VEK Adviesgroep BV

    VEK designs and supervises the construction of greenhouse projects worldwide. From your initial idea of growing in a protected environment, VEK ...