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    GREENHOUSESIn the agriculture industry, commercial greenhouse dehumidifier is a very important part, which is globally utilized for the production of high value vegetables and fruits.WHY DEHUMIDIFIERS ARE NEEDED IN GREENHOUSESNormally, in day time, the inner climate of greenhouse is incredibly warm. Excessive h

  • Vegetable Greenhouses Case Study

    The data presented in this case study was collected from greenhouses growing tomato, pepper, and cucumber crops utilizing the DryGair system, spanning diverse climate conditions around the world. ...


  • Electrical heating textile ET-1000 at EXPO 2015

    CEI of Turin (Foreign Centre for Internationalization), when selecting a group of companies which symbolize in a major way high quality Piedmontese production, design, innovation and creativity, has chosen to bring Cofilea to Expo 2015 (The ...

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    A beautiful greenhouse is a splendid permanent addition to your home. The AC-1300 greenhouse makes a delightful display case for your gardening successes. There’s more than enough space for two side benches and a large center bench. The AC-1300 is 12’ 8 1/2” wide and is available to fit on 8” or 24” high perimeter footing or full glass-to ground construction.