Plant Oil Extraction

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  • Rice husk revolution

    Rice husk revolution

    India produces 200 million tonnes of paddy. One tonne paddy gives 700 kg of rice and 300 kg of rice husk. Rice husk has heating value (calorific value) of 3000 kcal per kg. So it is excellent fuel. So we can burn rice husk and produce steam and generate power from it. For villages 10 KW power plant based on steam engine is quite appropriate which can process 4000 kg. of paddy into unpolished rice ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Jumbo Olive Washing Machine

    Jumbo Olive Washing Machine

    The Jumbo washing machine is the perfect solution for large production volumes with high levels of dirt and stones, plus other heavy foreign matter. The continuous discharge of solid sediments is ensured by the special mobile, bladed ring located at the bottom of the tank. Like all Pieralisi washing machines, the washing system with blown air allows the olives to be perfect cleaned, without ...