Plant Stress Monitoring

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  • Ultra-Compact Chlorophyll Fluorometer
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    Ultra-Compact Chlorophyll Fluorometer

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    This latest Chlorophyll Fluorometer reinforces ADC’s reputation for specialising in portable research instruments. The OS1p weighs just 1.4kg and is powered by batteries which offer up to 12 hours ...

  • Plant Stress Kit
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    Plant Stress Kit

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    One case, two instruments. One for measuring light adapted Quantum Yield of PSII or Y(ll) and one for dark adapted Maximum Potential Quantum Efficiency of PS(II) or Fv/Fm.

  • Plant Stress Meter
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    Plant Stress Meter

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    A unique, portable, pulse excitation instrument optimised for the rapid screening of plant stress. This small, battery operated device consists of a hand-held control unit with integral analysis probe. The control unit ...

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  • ADC BioScientific Ltd

    ADC BioScientific Ltd

    ADC BioScientific Ltd. have been designing, building and supplying infrared gas analysers for the measurement of CO2 gas exchange, since 1969. Our ...

  • SupPlant


    SupPlant is a world leading company in the field of “IOT” in agriculture. By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, the SupPlant unique ...

  • LemnaTec GmbH

    LemnaTec GmbH

    Since 1998, LemnaTec has lead the global development of research platforms for digital plant phenotyping. By combining sophisticated software systems ...