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  • Pressure Compensating Dripperline
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    Pressure Compensating Dripperline

    By Plastic Puglia

    AQUAPRESS® is the latest generation dripperline with integrated flat emitter, basically equipped with three systems which guarantee functionality and reliability to long-life irrigation systems with slopes and ...

  • Irrigation Kit for Orchards
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    Irrigation Kit for Orchards

    By Plastic Puglia

    HortoKIT is a system especially designed for irrigation of small orchards, even when there is lack of pressure water sources. Its main feature is the making installations based on drip irrigation technology totally ...

  • Low Density Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe
    Showcase Product

    Low Density Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe

    By Plastic Puglia

    MOMO is a low density polyethylene pipe PE40, of black colour, with indelible mark and certificate of conformity issued by the Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP), complying with the rule UNI 7990:2015. MOMO pipe is ...

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  • Stolze B.V.

    Stolze B.V.

    Stolze strength will be your strength, yours will be ours. The source of Stolze strength comes not only from 40 years of experience but also from its ...

  • Agroking equipment and supplies INC.

    Agroking Equipment and Supplies INC. Is the sole distributor of Netafim LTD (ISRAEL) at the Philippines. Netafim is the world`s No 1 manufacturer of ...

  • Senninger Irrigation

    Senninger Irrigation

    Senninger Irrigation is a leading manufacturer and designer of patented irrigation products. Since 1963, we have developed water and energy efficient ...

  • Turbo Reel Irrigation

    Turbo Reel Irrigation

    Turbo Reel Irrigation - The leaders in irrigation and pumping solutions. Australia wide network. Hard hose irrigators, Low Pressure Booms, Electric ...

  • Isfahan Plast Industrial Group

    Our company is one of the leading irrigation companies in Iran and Asia with the products they have produced in Iran and carrying out activities in ...