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  • Feasible and simple method of sawdust fermentation

    Feasible and simple method of sawdust fermentation

    Sawdust, generally speaking, is the product of wood processing. There are many sawdust sources in many places, but the pile of sawdust brings great pressure to the environment, especially when the wind blows, the sawdust flying all over the sky has a great impact on the local environment. Sawdust is a very good fertilizer resource with a wide range of uses. The fermented sawdust can be used as ...


  • Don’t let summer go to “waste”

    Don’t let summer go to “waste”

    School will soon be out and summer is a great time for families to reduce waste in fun and new ways!First, remember to keep practicing the basics—reduce, reuse, and recycle. Find new ways to reduce your waste—eat more fruits and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Estate & Amenity Trailer

    Estate & Amenity Trailer

    Innovative design & high build quality combine to produce a versatile, multi-purpose tipping trailer specifically designed for use with a 4 x 4 vehicle, or large car. It is ideal for the transportation of light, yet bulky, materials such as horse manure, grass or hedge clippings, bark chippings, garden, cardboard or general waste. The low loading height and rear ramp also make it suitable for ...