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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Identification of a Chlorophyll Dephytylase Involved in Chlorophyll Turnover in Arabidopsis

    AbstractChlorophyll turns over in green organs during photosystem repair and is salvaged via de- and re-phytylation, but the enzyme involved in de-phytylation is unknown. We have identified an Arabidopsis thaliana thylakoid protein with a putative hydrolase domain that can dephytylate chlorophyll in vitro and in vivo. The corresponding locus, CHLOROPHYLL DEPHYTYLASE1 (CLD1), was identifie


  • LEAF announces significant progress in sustainable farming

    LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has revealed another year of significant progress in its mission to deliver more sustainable food and farming. The area of land around the world growing LEAF Marque crops increased by 28% since last ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tobacco Sorting Machine

    Tobacco Sorting Machine

    The Stratus, a joint development between GCH Cardwell and TOMRA Sorting Solutions, provides an answer to the specific sorting demands of Green Leaf Threshing (GLT) operations. The sorting machine sorts whole leaf tobacco prior to threshing, but has proven itself also in sorting oriental, Rajangan and even lamina type of tobaccos.