Calf Farming

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  • Socks To Me: The Best Running Compression Socks

    Socks To Me: The Best Running Compression Socks

    When you feel depressed, sometimes you need to feel better with a big bear hug. So, when you let your legs complete their steps through a tough run, think that a little squeeze may just help them make sense. Of course, this is a very scientific way to look at it - but there is ample evidence that compression can help recover after a tough physical attack. The judges still don't know if 


  • Top milk in Cow Town

    Dairy enthusiasm does not get any bigger than in the Western Australian hamlet of Cowaramup, where cows are worshipped, in art and in life. About a three-hour drive south of Perth, the idyllic locale affectionately known as ‘Cow Town’ ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Utility Pails

    Utility Pails

    Ideal for feeding calves. Inside level lines for quarts and litres. High density polymer buckets. Heavy duty handle with galvanized 5/32" wire. Integrated mounting tab where the handle fastens to the pail. Finger grip ridge on bottom of pail to aid pouring and tipping. 12 per case.