Cattle Weighing

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  • Cattle Weighing Scales
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    Cattle Weighing Scales

    By Osmonds & Sons (Dublin) Limited

    The ultimate in-line weighing system for cattle crushes. Accurate, regular weighing of stock improves productivity and profitability of the farm enterprise. Whether it’s weighing maiden heifers suitable for ...

  • Cattle Weigh Crate
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    Cattle Weigh Crate

    By Premier Livestock Handling

    The Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate forms a valuable addition to any race system. Specifically designed to overcome the problems that can occur when weigh beams are placed directly beneath a cattle crush, this new crate ...

  • Cattle Weighing Scale
    Showcase Product

    Cattle Weighing Scale

    By Marechalle Pesage

    Reinforced construction with 50 x 50 steel tube. Anti-skid “teardrop” plate floor. Sheet metal sides, height 1 m. Front and back doors with double leaf. Three-point linkage to be hooked by tractor