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  • How to use a Cimarron Stock Box

    How to use a Cimarron Stock Box

    What is a stock box?Stock Boxes are used for safely hauling small animals, such as dogs, goats, sheep and hogs, etc. Stock Boxes can sometimes be referred to as “truck toppers.” They’re a great way to haul your animals economically and conveniently. Stock boxes are made from aluminum and are built to be a long-lasting solution for your animal transportation needs helping

  • Buying In China

    Top Ease covers 5000+ direct factories, 50,000+ items for all of China. We are your one-stop purchase agent in China. Only need to give us your requirement, and we will purchase and deliver. We are a ...


  • PercoMeta Project, first step to industrialization

    A representation of French companies visited the pilot plant of PercoMeta Project in Villavaquerín (Valladolid) during the month of June. This project led by Toro Equipment in collaboration with Cartif Technology Center and other enterprises ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Straw Bedding System

    Straw Bedding System

    Combined with a special welfare feed and efficient straw management that can be automated, but especially due to a new type of climate control, humidity is extracted continuously from the straw bedding in the barn. This causes an aerobic decomposition, i.e. cold composting below 40 degrees Celsius, that starts with the addition of an activator.