Manure Lagoons

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Lagoon treatment for manure case study

    Are you getting a scale build up in your recirculation system from your manure holding ponds (lagoons)? Is it calcium carbonate or struvite (magnesium-ammonia-phosphate) crystals? In some CAFO sites, they will use anaerobic lagoons to reduce the amount of manure that they need to treat. In a zero oxygen environment the anaerobic bacteria will take the manure which is loaded with nutrients and ...


  • Manure from millions of hogs fuels natural gas project

    One recipe for renewable natural gas goes: Place manure from about 2 million hogs in lagoons, cover them with an impermeable material and let it bake until gas from the manure rises. Then, use special equipment to clean the gas of its impurities and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Manure Separator

    Manure Separator

    Press Technology’s Model E Manure Separator is designed for manure slurry separation and priced for the mid-sized producers, but it performs like a high end press. TheModel E address four major issues involved with manure management and the mid-size producer: Economics, Easy installation, Efficiency and Environment. The Model Ecan be set-up and installed with little or ...