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  • Kits for Prion Proteins
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    Kits for Prion Proteins

    By Analytik Jena AG

    In past twenty years public awareness of prion diseases has grown in parallel with the occurrence of cases of BSE and realization that this disease can be transmitted to humans through the consumption of contaminated ...

  • Anti Microbial Bimastat
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    Anti Microbial Bimastat

    By Bimeda

    For the treatment of diarrhoea in pre-ruminant calves, sensitive to the combination of sulfadizine and neomycin. Sulfadiazine 150mg/mL, neomycin (as neomycinsulphate) 25mg/mL. 1BIM052,1BIM053

  • Dairy Fat 99%
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    Dairy Fat 99%

    By Jefo

    Energy supplement for dairy cattle/ Palm palmitic acid C16:0 - min 85.0%.

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  • Kay Dee Feed Company

    Kay Dee Feed Company

    Family owned and operated since 1928, Kay Dee Feed Company has provided quality livestock supplements earning generations of loyal customers. As an ...

  • Keenan


    Keenan is a world leader in ruminant Nutrition and the technology of optimum feeding for livestock. The evolution of the Keenan System began in the ...

  • Datag Ltd.

    Datag Ltd.

    We have been designing and supplying software to the agricultural industry for nearly two decades and have a widespread customer base of farmers, ...

  • A-One Feed Supplements Ltd

    A-One Feed Supplements Ltd

    A-ONE Feeds supplements was founded in 1975 as a premium supplier of feeds and supplements for piglets, game and ruminants in the UK and Ireland. ...

  • Beijing Goke Agricultural Machinary Co. Ltd.

    Beijing Goke Agricultural Machinary Co. Ltd.

    Beijing Goke Agricultural Machinary Co. Ltd. is advanced in providing solutions for accurate ruminant feeding in zoo technology sector. In year 2008, ...