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  • Testimonial Mr. Berger from Switzerland: no smell of pigs in the DACS house

    Urs Berger is the second generation on his 250 acres farm in the village Oberbottigen in Switzerland. In 2013 he installed a DACS ventilation system in a new 1000 finisher unit. The pigs have access to an outdoor area. Nevertheless, they often choose to stay indoor - thanks to the very constant movement of preheated air in the house. Ventilation without draught With the DACS ventil


Equipment & Solutions

  • Enriched Colony System for Layers - Egg production

    Enriched Colony System for Layers - Egg production

    With the EUROVENT EU colony system, Big Dutchman provides you with everything you need for animal-friendly and efficient egg production. Two of the most important advantages are maximum hygiene and the best possible product safety. The enriched colony system fully complies with the EU Directive 1999/74/EC of 19 July 1999*.