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  • Enriched Colony System for Layers - Egg production
    Showcase Product

    Enriched Colony System for Layers - Egg production

    By Big Dutchman

    With the EUROVENT EU colony system, Big Dutchman provides you with everything you need for animal-friendly and efficient egg production. Two of the most important advantages are maximum hygiene and the best possible ...

  • Rubber Horse Arena Footing
    Showcase Product

    Rubber Horse Arena Footing

    By Perfect Rubber Mulch

    The surface on which your horses stand and run makes a big difference, not just in terms of how they perform, but in terms of minimizing leg injuries and reducing leg stress. With that in mind, Perfect Rubber Mulch is ...

  • Floor Mats
    Showcase Product

    Floor Mats

    By JOZ USA Inc.

    For many years, JOZ has been supplying Royal Mat rubber mats for floors and cubicle stalls. The rectangular mats are glued together, resulting in a sealed rubber floor. Royal Mat rubber is not susceptible to temperature ...

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  • Les Machineries Pronovost Inc.

    Les Machineries Pronovost Inc.

    Machineries Pronovost started its activities repairing agricultural machines. A 1300 square foot shop facing the family farm met the demand. Over the ...

  • Meyer Manufacturing Corporation

    Meyer Manufacturing Corporation

    Meyer Manufacturing Corporation is a leading producer of farm equipment products including: manure spreaders, front unload-front/rear unload-rear ...

  • Tandem Products, Inc.

    Tandem Products, Inc.

    Tandem Products manufactures `Animal-Friendly` plastisol coated steel mesh flooring under the trademark, Tenderfoot®. We produce flooring for animals ...

  • Animat Inc

    Animat Inc

    Animat is a well-known Canadian company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of recycled rubber flooring for the last 30 years. Our ...

  • Vittetoe, Inc.

    Vittetoe, Inc.

    Vittetoe Incorporated began in 1965 as a one-man operation in a barn making slat flooring. Since then, it has changed and diversified into several ...