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  • How to improve the effect of compost

    How to improve the effect of compost

    Although compost has the advantages of rich nutrient content and loose soil, it also has the disadvantages of low effective content and slow fertilizer effect. How to improve the compost efficiency? It has been proved that proper mixing of fertilizer in compost can not only effectively prevent the volatilization of fertilizer effect, but also make the fertilizer effect multiply. Compost is ...


  • Do You Know The Feed Grinder Machine

    Do You Know The Feed Grinder Machine

    If you are interested in the feed grinder machine, please read this article.Our company Fusmar manufactured feed grinder machine is a kind of hammer mill equipment, which mainly strikes the materials to smash through hammers. Zhengzhou Fusmar ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Topfixated Livestock Curtain

    Topfixated Livestock Curtain

    The Munters Topfixated Curtain is manufactured in heavy duty, UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester. The light grey color ensures optimal light transmission. The curtain is anti-static and will repel dirt (sand, straw, dust). The curtain rolls on an extruded aluminum profile.