Straw Handling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Straw Bedding System
    Showcase Product

    Straw Bedding System

    By Big Dutchman

    Combined with a special welfare feed and efficient straw management that can be automated, but especially due to a new type of climate control, humidity is extracted continuously from the straw bedding in the barn. This ...

  • Straw and Grass Chopper
    Showcase Product

    Straw and Grass Chopper

    By ParkLand Maskinfabrik A/S

    Purchase a straw/grass chopper from ParkLand and gain a number of advantages. The straw/grass chopper from ParkLand is a very powerful and reliable machine that chops and spreads the straw/grass evenly on the field. The ...

  • Straw Bale Conveyor
    Showcase Product

    Straw Bale Conveyor

    By Cormall A/S

    For automatic loading we recommand the Cormall BT 170 loading conveyor.

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Broadwater Machinery Ltd

    Broadwater Machinery Ltd

    Broadwater Machinery Ltd is located in the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk. The company is focused on supplying well engineered products to ...

  • Redekop Manufacturing Inc.

    Redekop Manufacturing Inc.

    Redekop has developed innovative solutions for residue management. Located on the outskirts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Redekop focuses on developing ...

  • Bravo Srl

    Bravo Srl

    The Bravo srl is an Italian company born 12 years ago in the province of Cuneo from the merger of two leading companies in the field of specific ...

  • Rekordverken Sweden AB

    Rekordverken Sweden AB

    Rekordverken develops, manufactures and markets equipment for agriculture. Our main products are straw choppers and chaff spreaders for combines. The ...



    Our company is having many success at its sector for many years. We also export in great success for our manufacture of Drip Irrigation Systems. ...