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Stock management of animal feed


MonoScan for Stock Management of Animal Feed MonoScan provides a reliable and accurate continuous level indication of animal feed in Kfar Vitkin, Israel. This is one of the largest feed mills in the country. Kfar Vitkin feed mill supplies feed for poultry, turkeys, ruminants, fish, rabbits, and pigeons. The plant has a modern premix department that produces vitamin and trace mineral premixes for customers by demand.

The Problem - In today's demanding agricultural market, efficiency is the indisputable key to success. There is a true need for accurate measurement of animal feed in order to optimize feed management and ordering processes in diverse conditions. A well-known measurement method is the Silo Weighing Control System which indicates on demand the feed weight in the vessel. An electro mechanic pressure sensor transfers the information to a control unit which calculates the weight according to the specific gravity of the measured material. Some of the major problems for this weighting system are that it is a high cost solution which is often not suitable for poultry feed mills that normally contain a large amount of tanks.

Another problem that arises from the different types of feed being stored in the same tanks is the stock management. The specific gravity for each feed is different and so is the weight calculation. This element complicates the tank control and stock management because of the need for extra calculations far beyond the weight measurement. Furthermore, this electro mechanic element requires high maintenance and frequent calibration. All these decrease the efficiency of the Silo Weighing Control System measurement method.

The solution - Solid AT has installed several MonoScan systems in Kfar Vitkin. MonoScan is an integrated ultrasonic level meter with sensor, electronics and display all integrated in one device. MonoScan can measure up to a range of 15 meters and provide 4-20 mA output. The tank heights at Kfar Vitkin are 4.6 meters, well within the capability of MonoScan. The systems are installed on the top of the tanks, as far as possible from inlets. Analog output 4-20mA, provides information about the distance between the sensor and the application surface. Once operational, Mill personnel do not depend on knowing the type of feed and its specific gravity and level data provides their need. Feed types are changed often and that fact doesn’t require any change or calibration to the MonoScan. The device provides a highly reliable reading and enables a setting of high level, low level, and error indication. Another important added value is the option to move the MonoScan from one tank to another with minimum efforts. Normally this is done when one tank is temporarily shut down.

Summary - The MonoScan non-contact gauging device was found to be the most suitable device for these applications. MonoScan gives a cost effective solution and answers to the different and changeable conditions in this industry. The small and light device is easy to configure and easy to install and therefore provides the ultimate solution for the feed mill industry.

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