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  • Biological Control

  • Adalia Bipunctata

    Adalia Bipunctata

    Adalia bipunctata is also known as the two-spotted ladybird. Both larvae and adults are voracious predators of many aphid species. This ladybird consumes all aphid stages and can eat up to 100 aphids per day. It is able to eradicate an aphid hotspot within a week. Adalia bipunctata is used in many ornamental, fruit and vegetable crops and in public green.

  • Amblyseius Cucumeris

    Amblyseius Cucumeris

    Predatory mite for the control of thrips larvae and spider mite. Very mobile. Also feeds on pollen, enabling it to survive without prey. Can be introduced preventatively in pollen-bearing crops.

  • Model ABS - Amblyseius Cucumeris

    Model ABS - Amblyseius Cucumeris

    Amblyseius cucumeris is quite conspicuous because of its high mobility. This predatory mite feeds mainly on thrips larvae, and sometimes also consumes spider mites or other pest mites. Moreover, A. cucumeris eats pollen, which makes it interesting for preventative introductions in pollen bearing crops such as sweet pepper and eggplant. Also applicable in ornamentals such as gerbera, rose and a wide range of potted plants.

  • Bumblebee Pollination

  • Flying Doctors Hive Turbo

    Flying Doctors Hive Turbo

    Flying Doctors Hive Turbo is a unique and patented system containing a turbo quality colony. It consists of a specially developed hive with an integrated dispenser system for having biopesticides or previously collected pollen spread in the crop by bumblebees. On its way out of the hive, bumblebees pass through the dispenser tray which contains the biopesticide or pollen. The product sticks to the bumblebees. As they do their pollination work, the...

  • Monitoring and Scouting- Pheromone Traps

  • Delta - Pheromone Traps

    Delta - Pheromone Traps

    The Delta Trap consists of a sticky insert and a triangle-shaped 'house' of long-lasting, water resistant material. In the middle of the ridge of the roof a hanger is attached to hang up the trap. A pheromone dispenser is placed in the center of the sticky insert. Male adults are attracted by the pheromone and enter the Delta Trap where they get stuck on the sticky insert. Each species has a specific pheromone. A minimum distance of 50...

  • Droso  - Pheromone Traps

    Droso - Pheromone Traps

    Biobest has conducted trials to develop a reliable and selective method of trappingDrosophila suzukii. Our DROSO TRAP® has, therefore, been specifically selected for efficient attraction of drosophila. Once adults are trapped inside the Droso trap they eventually will be drowned in the liquid attractant. The main attractant of this trap is

  • Picusan - Pheromone Traps

    Picusan - Pheromone Traps

    Picusan Trap is a pyramid shaped ground trap that does not need to be buried. Black is an attractive color to red palm weevils (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus).  Its ribbed surface makes it easier for the adults to climb up and to eventually fall down inside the trap through a funnel. Picusan Trap is used together with the specific pheromones for Rhynchophorus ferrugineus. This trap can...